How Often You Should Clean Everything in Your Home

Home cleaning is a basic thing which has to be done at regular intervals. Along with home cleaning, regular washing and cleaning of other stuffs around the house too needs to be done to lead a hygienic life. How often do you clean the carpets? How often do you clean the window glass? Do you wash your jeans after every use? There are lot of things that we don’t really know about when exactly to clean or wash. Here are some common things in our household with a guide on how often they require cleaning/washing:

How Often You Should wash Everything in Your Home

  1. JEANS

Jeans was traditionally made for workers that do hectic work and hence the cloth is usually thick. Jeans required washing only once in a month to maintain its texture and shape, they are ideally meant to washed less often. When you wash it, do not squeeze it to remove all the water or you may loosen it. Simply fold them and place in shade for 24 hours to dry to maintain its shape and colour.


Carpets needs to cleaned/vacuumed every alternate day (or daily if you stay at a windy place or if the windows are always open). Sprinkle dried flavoured tea, like lemon or cinnamon tea leaves across a stinky or dirty carpet and let them sit for 15- 20 minutes to an hour. Then vacuum them up, you’ll have a nice soft scent left behind with squeaky clean carpet. More: Best ways to use tea bags >>

  1. T-SHIRT

T-shirts need to be washed after every use since all the skin proteins, odours and sweat get sucked in the cloth. Wash them after every use to keep them clean, fresh and stain-free.

  1. SOCKS

Socks tend to be stinky since you wear it and is always enclosed in your shoe which makes them retain all the moisture and foot sweat. Wash them after every use.

  1. BRAS

Bras are usually made up of delicate material, especially if you wear fancy ones. Frequent washing may cause wear and tear. Hand-wash them after every 3-4 uses.

  1. SHOES

Wash shoes only after they get soiled, dirty or stained. Hand wash them and use a gentle scrubber to remove any stains.


Mirrors are subjected to finger prints and dust, clean them with moist tissue every 2 days. If your bathroom mirror gets turbid frequently due to fog, here is simple trick- take two dollops of shampoo on a sponge, add few drops of water on it and scrub the mirror with it. Rinse it off with plain water and make sure you completely let the mirror dry. The shampoo will form a thin protective layer on the mirror and will prevent it from fogging up and getting turbid with time. More: Life hacks with beauty products >>

  1. DESKS

Desks need dusting every day especially if you stay on top most floors of a building. After dusting, make sure you arrange everything- put all your pencils/pens into a holder or pencil case. Put books/paper stuff into a neat pile and sort out from there and put it away tidily. Then sort out your drawers (if you have any).


Computer key board needs cleaning every 2 days. You can keep a pack of facial or baby wipes handy n the computer table. Simply take out a wipe and use it to clean the keyboard. You can also use an old makeup brush to clean hard to reach places.


Under garments (except bras) need to washed after every use to maintain hygienic condition and to prevent skin infections.


Furniture can get dusty with time. If you have suede sofa/furniture, vacuum it after every 2 days. Wipe down wood furniture and surfaces with a clean dishcloth dipped in cooled tea water for a bit of natural colour and shine every 2 days. Use white or green tea on lighter wood and oolong or black tea on darker wood.


Floors need to be wiped with a disinfectant every day. Simply put some disinfectant in water and use it to wipe the floor.


Dusting of the house needs to be done every 3-4 days. Feather dusters work great for cleaning blinds, pictures, nooks, and other areas. You need to get hold of a high-quality feather duster that will fit in your back pocket. The duster works well for routine dusting, but for heavy build up, you’ll need to vacuum or use a cloth, then use the duster every two weeks or so after that. More: Easy ways to clean your home >>


Bathroom and washroom needs to be cleaned thoroughly every week to prevent stains and mould growth. Use hydrogen peroxide in a trigger-spray bottle to battle mould and mildew. Spray it on, let it sit 3 to 5 minutes, and it will kill the fungus. To keep mould from coming back, use a fan when showering. When you’re done, take a couple of minutes to squeegee the water off the tile walls and shower door.


Pyjamas are something you only wear before bedtime that too for approximate 7-8 hours. You need not wash them after every use. Toss them in washing machine or hand wash them after every 3-4 uses.


Winter clothes are something you only use in winters. Always dry clean them if you have used 6-7 times including woollen gloves, hate etc.

  1. BED

Pillow covers and sheets need to be washed after every 2 days. We sleep on it and they are subjected to skin protein, dry skin cells, sweat residues etc. Simply toss them in washing machine or scrub using a cloth scrubber.


Jewellery needs to be cleaned after they get oxidised or dirty. Jewellery can be cleaned effectively using a toothbrush and soapy water since it can help you reach the nicks and corners easily. Keep your jewellery dipped in soapy solution and simply brush it using toothbrush. Rinse with water and you are done. Easy Natural DIY Jewelry Cleaner


Workout clothes need to be washed after every wear since they get sweaty and can stink or cause skin infections.


Dishes need washing after every use. Some people skip washing plates that were used to serve biscuits or dry ingredients. Any dish that comes in contact with food needs washing since food particles attract insects and bacteria.