30 Unique ways to use tea bags for home and beauty

Put the tea leaves to work with these clever ideas. Dried tea leaves last longer and are easy to use. Here are some interesting and creative suggestions on how to use used tea.

30 Unique ways to use tea bags for home and beauty


1. Clean carpet: Sprinkle dried flavored tea, like lemon or cinnamon tea leaves across a stinky carpet and let them sit for 15- 20 minutes to an hour. Then vacuum them up, you’ll have a nice soft scent left behind.

2. Burns: Soothe razor burn by pressing a wet tea bag to your skin. Not only will the tea take some of the sting out, it will also stop the bleeding and redness.

3. Polish furniture Wipe down wood furniture and surfaces with a clean dishcloth dipped in cooled tea water for a bit of natural color and shine. Use white or green tea on lighter wood and oolong or black tea on darker wood.

4. Bath soak: Fill your bath with 5-10 green tea bags while the water is running. The green tea bath will detox your body, relax your mind, and the antioxidants will moisturize your skin.

5. Clean mirrors Make your mirrors sparkle and shine by using cooled, brewed tea as a cleaner.  Tea can effectively remove grease and grime on mirrors. Just dip a soft cloth in the tea and then buff dry with a newspaper.

6. Tea Steam: Make an at home spa treatment with a tea facial steam. Simply boil a few cups of water and pour into a large bowl, then add a green tea bag or two.  Place a towel and place it over your face, then bend over the bowl for five to ten minutes to open your pores, tone and hydrate your skin.

7. Fix a broken nail: A tea bag will solve with a broken nail. Simply cut a small piece of your tea bag, use a glue and press it onto your broken nail.  File off all the edges until the edges are completely smooth, then seal it off with a top coat.

8. Tea Eye pillows: Make eye pillows and fill them with dry, flavored tea leaves scented teas like lavender or chamomile etc.. for a peaceful, calming rest.

9. Dishwasher: Just soak the dishes overnight with hot water and few brewed tea bags, the tannins from the tea with break down the grease by morning.

10. Drawer sachet: Spruce up the scent of your drawer or closet with a few flavored tea bags or muslin bags filled with scented dry herbal tea leaves. Just open a few used herbal tea bags and spread the wet tea on some old newspaper to dry. Then use the dry tea as stuffing for the sachet.

11. Deodorize kitchen surfaces: Rub wet tea leaves on cutting boards and counters to remove food odors.

12. Stinky hands : Rub used tea bags on to get rid of stinky fish, onion or garlic odor from hands with brewed tea or wet steeped tea leaves to remove unwanted odors.

13. Sunburn: Freeze the used tea bags, then place them on sunburns and minor burns for relief. You can add some tea to your bath and submerge yourself in the water.

14. Bruise remedy: Put a soaked tea bag on a bruise to heal it faster.

15. Cat Litter odor: The antibacterial contents of tea bags will help neutralize the odor in your litter box, as well. Just sprinkle the dried out contents of a brewed tea bag into the kitty litter.

16. Bug bite: Use tea bags to rashes and insect bites to ease itching. . Simply place a cooled tea bag on the painful area to sooth the ache and reduce inflammation.

17. Fridge odor Take the odors out of refrigerators and ashtrays by placing a used tea bag. Place dried out tea leaves in the refrigerator in an uncovered container to soak up the smell.

18. Blister: Applying black tea on the affected area to help soothe blisters. Cover a boil with a wet tea bag overnight and the boil should drain without pain by the time you wake up next morning.

19. Stop foot odor: Treat foot odor with a tea foot soak. Just soak your feet in strongly brewed tea for 20 minutes a day and say good-bye to smelly athlete feet.

20. Shoe deodorizer: Before you throw away those old, stinky shoes, place a new or steeped then dried tea bag inside each shoe and see if you can’t remove a bit of odor and get a little more life out of them.

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