Bridal Nail Designs & Manicures

Wedding season is upon us and with a wedding coming up in my own family, I have been thinking about wedding outfits and makeup too! If you’re getting married soon or have to attend a wedding, this post will help you with ideas and inspiration for dressing up your nails for the occasion.

Bridal Nail Designs & Manicures

Glitter it up! : While plain whites and subtle lace patterns may be perfect for every other bride, the Indian bride of our big fat Indian weddings certainly needs more oomph than that! Glitter is the easiest way to make your nails look wedding-ready. Rose Gold has been in trend for a while and isn’t leaving any time soon so it’s a good medium if bright silver or gold is too loud and tacky for your taste. Holographic glitter also looks beautiful if you’re planning on wearing white or dark shades like navy blue, deep green, etc.

Match your colors and prints: This looks like the new trend in bridal nails and it’s definitely the most fun one. Matching the colors and prints of your gorgeous traditional outfits with nails is pretty easy since it doesn’t require coming up with new patterns. However, since drawing patterns on a nail requires some serious skill you might want to get it done professionally. There are quite a few ways to rock this trend.

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Metallic Overlays: Having a plain base color that’s either the same as the color of your outfit or a pretty contrast works well. The base can be either glossy or matte (since matte nails were all over the spring/summer15 runways it might be a great option). The pattern is drawn over the top with a pretty metallic color that complements the sparkles and work on your outfit.

Accent Nails: Accent nails came into trend sometime last year, have been around for over a year and are definitely here to stay for quite a while more. They’re a good way to add some whimsy to your manicure while still staying subtle.

Get Fancy with some DIY: “Nail Jewelry” is a new concept and can be bought easily online and is quite pocket-friendly too. Some of it is even reusable! Get a few pieces that flatter the patterns on your outfit and you’re guaranteed a compliment every time you shake someone’s hand.

Nail decals and stickers: Nail art stickers are one of the most fun and easy nail art tools around. The really great thing about these stickers is that they come in a whole range of different designs and are easy to apply.
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You can also get creative and use some pretty bindis to decorate your nails. Buy a pack in a pretty design and stick them onto your nails once the base color coat is done. Add some top coat and you’re done! It is an easy way to avoid placing fussy little crystals and doesn’t require the patience that doing “real” nail art requires.