8 Extraordinary uses for nail polish remover


We definitely love the world of paints, be it painting our homes or our nails. The world of fashion has become more demanding and challenging, leaving us with no option but to adapt to it. Our clothing and accessories forms a part of our personality and the outside world perceives us by our external beauty.

The nail paints are the most observed ones and the well manicured nails are an indicator of our lifestyle as well. The nail paint removers are equally the most frequently used ones as we all love to play with colours. Acetone is one of the major ingredients used in nail polish removers, which makes it available for various other purposes apart from merely vanishing those nail paints from our fingers or toes. You will equally be surprised after finding out the multi-purposes of the nail polish remover.

extraordinary uses for nail polish remover1. Glue Remover:
Isn’t it really irritating when those glue remains, disagree to depart from our finger tips, leaving us helpless? Do not worry any longer. Just dampen a cotton swab and rub it to your skin. You will find the glue dissolving in a fraction of second.

2. Keyboard Cleaner:
We all are addicted to our keyboards, may be our work demands that. But, can our fingers tolerate those dusty and dirty keyboards. Absolutely not! Lightening your keyboard has become easier with the usage of these nail polish removers. Dip a cotton swab in the nail polish remover and gently scrub off the keys. You will surely love the cleaned board.

3. China Stain Removal:
Crockeries are my all time favourite and I cannot withstand any stains. Those stains leave a great impact on the users, as though they haven’t been washed from ages. Thanks to the acetone. The cotton swab dipped in the nail polish remover ensures the same old good look.

4. Shine the shoes:
A footwear is the reflection of an individual’s personality. The dust and scuffs tends to accumulate on your shoes and you wish the shoe polish was at handy. Do not panic. Damp a clean cloth in the nail polish remover or use a cotton swab to remove those stains or marks that would have left you publicly embarrassed. Its cool and easy.

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5. Watch Revival:
Acetone has the property to dissolve the plastic. If your watch cover is a victim of cuts and dings , use the acetone to destroy it. Remember not to be too rough while dealing with the surfaces as you might end up damaging it. Just be gentle with the plastic to get the smooth surface and the perfect level.

6. Marker Stains:
The permanent ink stains are tough to deal when contacted with hands or walls. Those dark colours are so prompt and visible that we quickly want to get rid of it. Drench a cotton ball and then let the stains be away. It’s the easiest remedy that anyone can think of.

7. Pamper your razor:
Sanitization of razors is a must to ensure that our skin is away from the infection. Since ACETONE acts as a disinfectant, dunk a razor for couple of minutes to sanitize it. Rinse off the gunk between the blades. It also helps in the longetivity of the product.

8. Eliminating Bathtub ring:
Dilute the nail polish remover with little water and use a stiff brush to scrub away those residues that have occupied your bath tub from a longer time. Let not the stains spoil your mood.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Do let us know your views or comments on it. We would be happy to add some more uses of the nail polish remover, if you wish to let us know more about it.