Ways to Use Flaxseed Oil for Beauty

Flax is high in omega 3s than fish, so it is an amazing anti-inflammatory food. We all know that flax seeds and oil are great for our health, did you ever knew that flax is rich in antioxidants and lignanas, these two properties of flax make it a great beauty aid. I do agree you do intake flax seeds and oil internally but using it externally is also works wonders to your skin, just check out below the amazing benefits of flax for beauty.

Ways to Use Flaxseed Oil for Beauty


Flax as a body oil:

If you have a dry skin then you should definitely use flax oil as your body oil.  Just take few drops of flax oil, rub it around your body and give a gentle massage. Apply this oil on the regular basis help to reduce dark spots, wrinkles, firm up the skin and make your skin silky soft.

To remove Mascara:

Do not spend money on the expensive eye make up remover thou its says its safe for eyes. Just take few drops of flax oil and gentle rub around the eye area. Now, with the help of cotton ball or clean cloth wipe it off. Flax oil doesn’t irritate the eyes and prevents you from having to tug at your lashes since it works so quickly.

Dark circle oil:

Apply flaxseed oil under your eyes, it will give you a clear skin around the eyes and make the area look brighter.

Can use as Lip Balm:

You can use flax oil as the lip balm also. The flax oil and coconut oil works the best but flax oil especially helps to reduce the dry, cracked lips. So next time do try flax oil and you will just amazed with its results.

Healthy Hair:

Flax seeds is rich in fatty acid, vitamins and minerals, regular use of flax oil promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. It also helps to eliminate the dandruff and flakiness on the scalp. Flax seeds oil also maintains the moisture content in the hair and protect the hair from getting damaged.

Flax oil for face:

To remove off the scar or marks, flax seeds work at its best. Just apply few drops of flax oil into your face and leave it overnight, if you feel it’s too oily just apply in on your face and give a gentle massage and then wash after 30min with a warm water. Your skin will look attractive and fresh in the morning. For quick result apply it on daily basis.