You may keep experimenting with your outfits to look more attractive and keep up your fashion standards but Interview surely is not a place where you can experiment with your outfits and makeup; after all as it is said ‘First impression is the last impression’. Apart from your knowledge, your dress is also taken into consideration during an interview. Once a chance gone, is gone forever so you don’t need to take risk when you are hitting an interview the next day, do not over makeup and dress properly which gives a pleasant appearance.

HOW TO DRESS FOR AN INTERVIEWBlack , white and brown: You should try to wear any outfits with black, white, brown or any beige colours. You can pair your simple black trousers and a white shirt. Beige or neutral colours are also good to be worn for any interview.

No to bright and cheerful colours: You are not going to attend a wedding; it is office which has a good working environment. Don’t try to attract the workers and employees with your bright colours dress. Bright colours may include red, orange, purple, dark pink and many more. These colours are tending to be catchy and divert attention.

Office shirt and a shirt: If you don’t want to wear your trousers and shirt, try a skirt for an interview. When I say skirt it does not mean a mini or skater skirts. I mean A-line office skirts which look really cool with a shirt tucked in. Pair it with good beige colour heels.

Indian attire: Many of us opt to Indian wears when they hit to interview, nothing bad in it. You can wear anything good with decent colours and design. Do not wear deep neck or too much embroidered dresses that may look weird and may catch others attention.

Not much loose or tight dress.: Don’t think you are cool just because you are wearing a loose shirts and jeans. No it isn’t cool; it doesn’t create a positive impact about your personality. Tight dresses obviously don’t look good so you should not wear them for interview.

Be clean and hygiene: Don’t wear any dirty or shabby cloths for the interview, this is your first impression so always try to be hygiene and clean. When I speak about hygiene besides your cloths, oral hygiene should also be taken care off.

Smell mild and subtle: You should avoid using dark flavour perfumes, which is not desired in your office environment. If you think your body smells after sweating, carry a perfume bottle or roll on in your purse and wear the perfume before reaching the office. Be well-groomed .

Work culture: If have a rough information that your office allows for casual pair of dress to be worn, confirm it first. If you have any of your relatives or friends working there, you can ask them about the dress culture followed in the office. Interview is surely not a place where you can take risk with your dresses.