Mascara is the cutest makeup in all which makes your face looks more expensive and brings charm to it but applying mascara in the most right way , is a new art which is not known by everyone of us. If you are thinking of not wearing makeup for today, you don’t need to. All you can do is just a use of mascara and that is enough to make you look attractive and also intensify the looks. You love mascara and you swear by them for those fuller, longer and flirt lashes of yours. Let’s know some secret to know how to make our eyelashes look fuller and flirty always.


Curled lashes: Some have a bad habit of curling the eyelashes after applying mascara. Usually there is risk for the mascara to get smudged if you use the lash curler latter. So to avoid makeup blunders you can curl your eyelashes before you wear your mascara. This is most convenient and easy way to get flirty long lashes

Use an Eye primer: Dabbing some foundation is fine on your eye before applying mascara, but before than include in your list to apply a clean eye primer. This will help the mascara to stay long and curled always.

Dab some loose foundation or baby powder:  You can apply some loose foundation or simple baby powder before you apply the mascara. Mascara needs a base to hold itself firmly on your lashes and foundation gives that support to the eyelashes well. This is a must try hack to make eyelashes look fuller and sexier as always.

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Multiple coating: All you need to do is coat your eyeliner several times so that it looks clean and fuller. For this, you should not start coating the eyelashes one after the other off course , but allow the first coat to dry and then coat them again.

Two different mascara: I found this very useful for my eyelashes; you can use two separate set of mascara to curl your eyelashes properly. One may be a smudge free mascara and the other one may be long lasting one, what else do you need more than such a great combination?

Use of eyeliner: If you directly apply mascara it will look good, but if your need add some more beauty than start using eyeliner. Apply eyeliner and don’t leave a gap between the lashes and liner. Give a clean stroke on your eye with the help of eyeliner and then continue using your mascara. This will make upper eye look fuller.

Colourful: You might be amazed to know about this trick, but it includes using mascara of two different colours. It may be a black or light brown in shade; it would speak volume for your eyelashes. You can alternatively apply both the colours one after the other.

Zig Zag Way: There are beauty myths in our mind about mascara too; it says apply your mascara and stretch the lashes in upward direction to make them look fuller and sexier even. I suggest you apply mascara in the zig zag motion, this will cover all your lashes make them appear long, fuller and also make your eye look sublime.