Many people are extra cautious about their skin especially when it comes to oiling them. Using essential oil on face helps to get rid of bad oil accumulating on them and also helps to restore the elasticity back on the skin. Beauty world is filled with many and many artificial creams and cleansers which give us a glowing skin for a particular period of time, but you never know the bad and the side effects on the skin. Skin is the mirror of our face and personality which should be kept clean and healthy every time. Forget about the different chemical filtered creams in the market, we have brought you different ways on how to rejuvenate your skin using oil.



What is oil cleaning?

Oil cleaning of skin uses a combination of natural oil which is used to clean the skin deeply and thoroughly. Oil helps to rejuvenate your skin naturally and promises to give you soft and supple skin. Primary oil used for face cleansing is castor oil which helps to remove the dirt out of skin deeply. Castor oil is mostly suitable for all types of skin and also available in nearby stores. Some of the secondary oils are sunflower oil, sesame oil, lemon grass oil, carrot oil, and coconut oil. You can know more about the combination of oils to be used for the oil cleansing method >>

The logic behind Oil Cleansing Method

The logic behind OCM is simple. Oil is used for dissolving the oil that has hardened over a period of time. The accumulated oil, along with impurities, is stuck in the pores of your skin. Cleansers fail to remove them and hence, oil is used to do away with them. Till now, you were under the impression that oils only aggravate the problem of pimples and acne! So, you preferred soaps to oils. But did you know that soaps rob your skin of the essential natural oils? Skin feels dry and your body feels the urge to produce more oil to compensate this loss of natural oil. Thus, while you strip your skin of natural oils, you ask your body to produce more and more oils. This oil in turn accumulates in the pores and gives rise to a variety of skin problems. On the other hand, if you consider using oil for cleansing, the balance is restored and build-up is removed. This in turn, prevents the appearance of skin blemishes. Steam, which comprises an integral part of OCM, helps to open up the pores to help eliminate the impurities and warm cloth helps to remove excess oil. As a result, you get fresh, clear and glowing skin.

6 simple steps to do face cleaning with the help of a natural oil.

Step 1: Take few drops of oil on the finger tips and start massaging your face in the circular direction.  You don’t need to wet the face before you start oiling it. Oil starts removing the dirt by itself. Continue doing this for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2: Take a freshly washed towel and soak in warm water and then place it on the face and wait untill the towel cools down.

Step 3: Oil starts getting settles on the towel and after some time, it completely gets settled on the towel. Wipe the face gently with another freshly washed towel.

Step 4: You may repeat this process once more, if you feel the dirt has not come out completely.

Step 5: If you see some oil left over the skin, don’t remove it. The leftover oil on the skin gets slowly absorbed by the skin, which makes your skin glow healthy.

Step 6: If you feel the skin has now, you will be amazed to see the glowing skin in yourself.

This is the very simple way to rejuvenate the skin using natural oil and the process can be carried out easily at home. However, you don’t get results overnight; you need to keep continuing this for next 10 days to get a bright glowing skin.

Special tip: Combining some natural oil to your lotions or facial kit can help to enhance the effect of oil over skin.