Ways to Prevent Nail Polish Chipping

Ways to Prevent Nail Polish ChippingToday painting nail paint is not just enough but they should be your friend for more than a week without breaking down. Breaking down of nail paint is usually experienced by every girl applying nail paint. Going to the salon every other week and getting an expensive manicure is not everyone forte. They are various creative ways to get a perfect manicure without making a nail paint break down. Of course the process does not involve too much complicated methods but we have compiled some easy nail hacks that help to maintain the nail paint without messing it.

  1. Drying of nail paint

The golden rule of maintaining nail paint over nails is to take care while drying the nail paint. 99 percent of the women try the wrong method of drying the nail paint which involves blowing air from mouth and drying the nail paint. This is the biggest mistake you are doing where warm air released from mouth will further lead to breaking down of nail paints. The correct way of drying nail paint is letting them dry in cool and natural air.

  1. Cleaning the cuticles

Cleaning the cuticles before applying the nail paints is very important process to make the nail paint last longer and avoid breaking down too. You can always clean cuticles with the help of Vaseline. The trick here is dipping the cotton swab into Vaseline and then cleans the cuticles. Once you have clean the cuticles you can proceed with the nail paint.

  1. Base coat

Many of us till does not know there is base coats available in the market which helps too form layers over nail which further makes the nail paint last longer and avoid breaking of it. You should always apply base coat on the upper half of the nail and once it gets dry apply on the whole nail again.

  1. Two coats

Applying too coats of nail paints is one of the primary and important method to make your nail paint last longer. This technique also involves painting the tips of the nails twice or thrice which are more prone to chipping and losing the nail paint.

  1. Dry the nail paint faster

If you don’t have time to let the nail paint get dried in the natural air, you can always use an alternative to this process. Soaking your nails in ice water can help too dry the nails sooner in few minutes. All you need to do is fill a bowl with water and ice and soak the nails for few minutes after painting them. The cold water will set the paint over nails, making dry sooner and also avoid from breaking down.

  1. Adjusting with tongue

When the nail paint is wet and just applied your always running out of risk that the nail paint will get accidentally smudged. If at all it gets smudged by any means, try to readjust the paint with your tongue instead of finger. Tongue does not leave any imprints on the nail like the fingers do.

These were simple hacks of preventing nail paint from breaking down.