Benefits of poppy milk

Benefits of poppy milkPoppy seeds, known as khus khus in Hindi, contain good amounts of minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron. Poppy milk is extracted from these poppy seeds which is also known as medicated drink which is also used in making various sweet recepies in India. Although there are much people familiar with poppy seed milk, here we mention you some of the benefits of poppy milk over heath.

  1. Relieveconstipation

Poppy milk contains a lot of dietary fiber that not only adds bulk to your food, but also helps in ease constipation. In addition to preventing, these seeds also help you feel full for a longer time. To use poppy seeds as a remedy, have some crushed poppy seeds just before your meals or add it to your dish.

  1. Prevent mouth ulcers

In Ayurveda it is believed that mouth ulcers can be caused due to too much heat in the body. But consuming poppy seeds, which are known to have cooling effect on the body, helps in relieving mouth ulcers naturally. You may drink poppy seed milk to keep the stomach toxic free and mouth out of ulcer.

  1. Induce sleep

In case you suffer from insomnia or fatigue, the milk extract of poppy seeds mixed with sugar is a great way to combat sleep problems. Poppy seeds are packed with a number of compounds that help in the production of neurotransmitters, thereby helping your brain function optimally.

  1. Boost immunity

A common cause of impaired immune system is deficiency of zinc in the body. Consuming poppy seeds, which are rich in zinc, helps in strengthening the immune system. These seeds also enhance production of immune cells which in turn boost your immunity.

  1. Improve heart health

Poppy seeds are good source of essential fatty acids like linoliec acids that lower blood cholesterol levels in the body. Add few poppy seeds to your food to improve your heart health and also prevent various complications like heart disease and heart attacks.

  1. Prevent bone damage

Calcium, along with phosphorus, plays a significant role in improving your bone health. Poppy seed milk also contain manganese which is known to help in collagen (protein that protects the bones from damaging) production.

  1. Combat skin infections

Poppy milk is also known for its effective natural remedy for skin infections like dry itch and skin rashes. These seeds contain anti-inflammatory compounds that play a key role in combating skin infections. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you can use this remedy.

  1. Enhance brain function

Calcium, iron and copper are three minerals which are found in poppy seeds. These minerals help in the regulation of neurotransmitter and improve brain function and the normal growth and development of neurons (nerve cells of the brain).

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