Ways to plump your lips naturally

The pouts of Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor are immense and if you wish you had fuller lips then you can easily achieve it without having to go through painful injections and treatments that will be very expensive. Instead, try these tips and tricks to help turn your lips into a sexy pout and you can forget about lip surgery and lip injections.

Ways to plump your lips naturally

For a, expeditious and easy look out these are some easy and natural tips for a complete makeover.

Essential oil Lip Plumper: For a calming effect apply peppermint oil on your lips. It also gives a complete increase to your lips. Peppermint oil cause a swelling not much but slightly to your lips without any significant harm.

Lip Scrub: Shedding other body parts is propitious exercise. Then why not to your lips? Take a mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar to get rid of the dead skin. It will boost the body of your lips making them soft and kissable.

Highlight: Apply a highlighter on the cupid’s bow of your lip and a shimmer balm on the lower lip. Shimmer balm you applied will give the lips a lager appearance than they are.

Capsicum oil: Capsicum oil improves blood flow and circulation acts as a plumping serum when applied on your lips. It gives an attractive look to your lips.

Lip Makeup: You just need a favorable liner, lipstick and gloss to make your lips look like Angelina Jolie’s. Apply a lipstick it should be pink toned then a lip liner darker as compare to the lipstick. Last but not the least followed with a reflecting shimmer lip gloss.

Massage: Make out time from your busy schedule if you make time for a lip massage. Massing your lips for few mins with a lip balm will give them a lift and sound.

lip plumping beauty tool

Brush: You brush your teeth every day. Don’t put down your toothbrush after brushing your teeth. Just turn your toothbrush brush smoothly on your lips it will boost the blood circulation and will add a volume to your lips.

Lip cupping therapy: Lip cupping is the hottest trend in lip care today.  It is a 100% natural method for instant lip enhancement. This fun and funky-looking device uses suction to enhance your pout. It gives you instant lip enlargement in just a few minutes. The suction action draws blood to your lips creating fuller lips. You can find these lip plumping devices at amazon.com

Friends these are some easiest and simple way to plum your lips. Among all the ways I love to do massage of my lips as it not only plum my lips but it also make my lips hydrated as well as moisturized. Try these ways and see the changes.