Best Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair and Skin

For hair growth treatments Sesame Oil is the best. This oil is decent from sesamum flower. The seeds are comestible. Sesame oil is also used as a best herb. Sesame oil is endow with Vitamin E, B complex, minerals as calcium, phosphorus and protein which helps to make your hair strong from root to top. It also moisturizes and repairs your damaged skin naturally.

Best Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair and SkinFor hair: Some Benefits if sesame oil for hair are as follows:-

Helps in Premature Graying:- If you want to make your hair color look darker massage your hair daily with sesame oil. Due to its hair darkening quality it helps in preventing premature graying. This is one of the best sesame oil aids.

Defend Hair from Harmful Sunlight:- Sesame Oil is a natural sunscreen. Apply sesame oil on your scalp it protects your hair from harmful ultraviolet rays.It protects against the rays by forming a coat around the hair which safeguard the hair from dust and pollution.

Urge Hair Growth:- Sesame oil has a high probing potential it expand scalp flow thereby encouraging hair growth. Even if your hair are damaged by pollution, dust and chemicals. Sesame oil helps will help by its perforating quality. For hair growth sesame oil is extensively praised.

Treats Head Lice:- Head lice can be treated with the help of sesame oil used with some other substantive oils. Massage your hair regularly with this oil and wash off your hair with a shampoo it will be helpful for you. Its antibacterial quality keeps fungal and bacteria away. So apply it on your scalp.

Moisturizing Hair Mist:- Fill an empty spray bottle halfway full with distilled or filtered water. Add 2 tbsp. sesame oil and  2 tbsp. coconut milk. Mix well and spray lightly over your hair to moisturize, add shine and softness.

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For Skin: Some benefits of sesame oil for skin are as follow:

Natural Sunscreen:- Extremely good antioxidant present in sesame oil is vitamin E it is used as a natural sunscreen lotion. Using chemical based sunscreen is not sufficient sesame oil is best for that purpose.

Chemical free sunscreen does not cause any skin related problem. But you should contacts a dermatologist before using any oil on your hair for any side effects. If not possible apply sesame oil on a small surface on your body to check if you get ant reaction if not it is safe to use.

Reduces Antibacterial infection:- Apply sesame oil on cut or on injured skin it is totally safe. Sesame oik has an anti provoking effects. Theirs no need to add any essential oik or stuff. As the sesame oil is extricate from sesame seeds the anti bacterial substance is already present in it. Eczema and psoriasis is treated by sesame oil and other skin condition.

Helps repair damaged skin cells:- Sesame oil is easily assimilate by your skin as it is. Sesame oil is quite fine and sticky. Sesame oil is frequently used as a base oil it has a function to dissolve it for massage. Different oil is mix as per your skin health. It helps to repair damaged skin follicles and improve circulation. Mix it with any other essential oil for massage therapy.

Moisturizes skin :- For full body, sesame oil pretense as moisturizer and emollient. You can use this oil everyday for optimal use. Mix it with other oil to banish its strong fragrance you can mix it with castor or almond. Sesame oil can prevent dryness. Put some drops of oil in your bathing water. It will help in your dry skin problem. Some sesame oil mixture can treat skin problem in some areas of your body like knees and elbow.

Slowing down the skin aging:- The sesame oil has an antioxidant called sesamol. It helps in slowing down your aging. It helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles. You will get any anti aging products in the market but you can’t guarantee that you may not get the side effects. But sesame oil is natural. Without any chemical effect and it is not much expensive.