We suffer from many skin ailments; out of that eczema is the most common and difficult skin issue that we deal with as it really irritates not only the skin but our mood too. We have a lot of doubts about eczema, let us clear that first and foremost.

TREAT ECZEMA WITH EASY HOME REMEDIESWhat is eczema? Eczema is a skin disease that ranges from chronic, itchy minor rashes to acute eczema flare-ups with open, oozing sores that entail bandaging. Often Eczema is accredited to certain sort of food or an airborne allergy and could be minimized by determining the allergens and treating accordingly. In general most of the patients who suffer from eczema retort to the use of pharmaceuticals pills, creams, or steroids.

What needs to be done in reality? Certain changes need to be brought in our lifestyle to fight this situation firstly. The lifestyle in general needs to be changed by making certain changes in the diet. Avoid chemically sprayed fruits and vegetables and also junk food, processed foods, sugars, junk foods, and artificial sweeteners. Apart from this avoid taking stress.

Now let us know some home remedies to fight this issue:-

Vitamin E oil: –

Buy some Vitamin E oil and break open the capsule and pour the oil out and apply this oil on the affected area.

Aloe vera: –

Take aloe vera pulp and mix it with vitamin E oil and apply it on the infected area.

Cucumber: –

Take thin slices of a whole organic cucumber and let the slices soak for about 2 hours. Later filter the liquid and apply it with a clean cloth on the affected area.

Horsetail plant:-

Take 50 grams of ground horsetail plant or herbs in a liter of water and boil it for 10 minutes. Let it cool and then filter it into your bath water take bath with it regularly to get desired results.

Virgin coconut oil:-

Take some virgin coconut oil and apply on the affected area regularly to reduce eczema.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil:

Fermented Cod Liver Oil happens to be a great source of healthy fats that is essential for our body. The Cod liver oil is a great source of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and also is supportive of hundreds or processes in the body. Take tablets of cod liver oil to fight eczema.

Sea Salt Spray:-

People with such skin conditions like to be at the beach most. That is because the Vitamin D, the magnesium as well as the minerals in the water, is great remedy for eczema. You can make a homemade sea spray and reap the same benefits at home.  Take warm water in a bowl and add sea salt and Epsom salt and stir it all well until it dissolves completely. Now add essential oils and then stir it all together and store it in a bottle. You can apply it to the skin by either spraying it or with the help of cotton like we apply a toner. Use it regularly.