Spices are always used for enhancing the flavor and aroma of your food. But how many of you are aware of the fact that some of the most popular spices can be used in a very effective way to put up a fight against diabetes? Yes, studies have revealed that judicious use of spices in a specific way could help in preventing diabetes and keeping the situation under control.

SPICES TO COMBAT DIABETES EFFECTIVELYHere are those spices about which you ought to be aware of to keep away diabetes.

  1. Turmeric

Loaded with curcumin, this yellow hued spice has remarkable potential in averting the onset of diabetes and even bringing it under control. According to a study that appeared in Nutrtion, turmeric has the power to normalize the levels of insulin while improving the antioxidant defenses. According to another study, regular use of turmeric boosts body’s anti-inflammatory mechanism, lowering the risk of diabetes.

  1. Cinnamon

Spice up your oatmeal and apple muffins generously with this brown hued aromatic spice as it can lower the levels of sugar in blood. Cinnamon is known to have the potential to improve your insulin sensitivities. Plus, it is also believed to possess bioactive mechanisms that could help in averting diabetes and combating the same. You can just steep 3 sticks of cinnamon in 300 ml water and drink the concoction daily to avert diabetes if you have an increased risk. A cup of warm water infused with ½ a teaspoon cinnamon powder improves diabetes. Best home remedies using cinnamon >>

  1. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are one of the most advised spices to fight diabetes. The hypoglycemic nature of these seeds lowers the blood sugar while improving glucose tolerance. It is also known to improve the release of glucose-linked insulin. Plus, it is a good source of fiber that promotes better absorption of sugars and carbohydrates. Just said 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds in hot water overnight. Drink the concoction in the morning on empty stomach for at least 90 days to see noticeable difference.

  1. Cumin seeds

Hailing from the Parsley group, cumin seeds are quite often advised by Ayurvedic practitioners in managing diabetes. It lowers the level of sugar in blood. Plus, it is also known to impact advanced glycation end products which can be destructive in people suffering from diabetes. Steep 1 tsp cumin seeds in 200 ml water and drink this concoction daily.

  1. Garlic

It adds a rich aroma and flavor to the dishes, but it is one of the power anti-inflammatory agents that work against the anti-diabetic cytokines. It also lowers the levels of lipids, blood sugar, and the inflammation marker – C-reactive protein. Chew a couple of raw garlic cloves or use garlic supplements to reap its anti-diabetic benefits. Natural remedies and benefits using garlic >>

Have you ever tried any spices to combat diabetes? What was your experience? Share your views with us in the comments section below…