Rosewood essential oil is loaded with antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-depressant, insecticide and deodorant properties. This amazing oil is extracted from rosewood tree, which is abundant in Brazil. Wondering what the benefits associated with rosewood essential oil are? Read to know about the top benefits and uses of this mild aromatic oil with spicy and sweet notes.


Rosewood Essential Oil Benefits

  • Drives pain away: Rosewood oil has analgesic properties that offer you relief from mild toothaches and headaches, joint pain and muscle cramps, especially that ones that spring from measles, influenza and colds.
  • Drives grief away: If you have been recently feeling unhappy about an unsuccessful relationship or may be because you did not do well in your academics, investing in a bottle of rosewood oil could be of great help. Being an anti-depressant agent, rosewood oil is known to drive melancholy away and make you feel positive and good. It pacifies your mind and instils confidence in you. It helps to calm down your mind and relieve anxiety and nervousness.
  • Treats minor cuts: Suffering from insect bites, cuts or scratch? Just pour a small amount of rosewood oil in a soaked piece of cotton ball and place it on the affected area. This will help prevent infections and at the same time, help to heal your wound.
  • Keeps insects at bay: Rosewood oil has insecticide properties that help keep ants, lice, fleas and mosquitoes away. Use it in room fresheners, floor cleaners and sprays. Rub diluted rosewood oil on skin and it acts as a natural mosquito repellent.
  • Adds romance to your life: Rosewood oil can be used while bathing as well as for an exotic massage therapy for instilling relaxation. This aromatic oil with aphrodisiac properties helps treat loss of libido and thus, add a note of romance to your life.
  • Adds to your beauty: Rosewood oil has reviving properties that help in skin cells regeneration. Use a few drops of this oil in your regular face cream or body lotion to delay signs of aging. This practice also imparts a healthy glow to your skin. Rosewood oil is a wonderful solution for acne and blemishes. Topical application of this oil effectively helps to control the production of sebum, especially in oily skin.

If you are in love with aromatherapy, you must give this sweet fruity aromatic oil a try. It saves your skin, uplifts your mood, deodorizes your house and makes you feel rejuvenated. After all, not every oil is capable of influencing your body as well as your mind in a positive way!


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