Everyone knows washing machine is meant to wash your cloths and it does the job quite well. But it is not only cloths that our washing machine can handle. There are many more household things that can be washed well in washing machine and you are still unaware about it. Knowing about various house hold things that can be washed in machine can help you to save time and energy both and even your work is done easily. Let’s check out surprising things that can be washed in washing machine.


Stuffed animals: Stuffed animals are the latest craze with kids and elders even. They accumulate dirt fast and when they become dirty they change their colour soon. A pink teddy will look somewhat like a brown stuffed animal. If you have spent hours washing those stuffed toys, this time wash them easily in washing machine. For this you just need to keep them under sun so that they dry completely from inside.

Pillows: Pillows accumulate most of the dirt as we retire to our bed in the worst situation sometime. Put all the pillow covers in the machine so that it maintains the balance. Deep clean your pillows washing machine with simple tips >>

Nylon Bags: Nylon bags are mostly carried to gym and they get really dirty after few days. They can be washed clean in washing machine.

Feather sheets: If you think the machine would vacuum the entire feather from the sheets than you are wrong. Feather sheets are safe to be washed in washing machine and also dry quickly.

Sneakers: Running shoes can take a whole day of yours but still won’t get clean as they were before. The easiest way to wash them is put them in washing machine with some other dirty or cleaning cloths this will maintain the balance.

Plastic shower curtains: Now many of the people use Plastic shower curtains the bathroom and this is completely made of plastic which becomes dirty and stinky in every month. The best way to wash them is stuffing them in washing machine this will save your energy and time even.

Curtains: I still remember the time when we use to wash one curtain per day, because it consumes a lot of time and energy. Good news to people now with washing machine, you can easily wash them here and save your time and get rid of those back pains.

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Lego Lego: are your kids favourite and you are always cautious with the dirt particles accumulated around them. Stuff all the Lego in a bag and put them in machine for washing. Legos are now dirt and germ free for your babies.

Bath Mats: Bath maths is the breeding ground for germs and they can be unhygienic for your home and every person passing through it. Instead of replacing it every time and buying a new one, you can wash them. Bath mats can be washed easily in the machine which can be put to use again.

Door Mats: Door Mats and Yoga mats can be washed in the machine. Infact, you can wash them every alternate day and this would keep them germ free every time.