Product description: The new Pantene Pro V Pro-Vitamin Hair Fall Control Oil is enriched with vitamin e and almond oil to nourish and protect the hair. It provides deep conditioning without feeling sticky. This non sticky hair oil nourishes hair from root to tip and controls hair fall.

My Experience:  I have been suffering from hair fall issue from a while hence I got this oil and have been using it for a while. The oil comes in a long oval shaped golden colored plastic bottle with a black cap. The packaging is very simple and basic but not ideal for travelling.

The oil has a very thin consistency unlike regular oils. It has a non-sticky and has lightweight feel to it which applies easily onto the hair. Generally hair oils make hair extremely greasy, but this does not overly weigh down my hair. It is clear oil and has a pleasing aroma. Due to the light texture it gets absorbed quickly into the hair nourishing them. I generally like to massage it and keep it on my hair for two hours or overnight if possible. It washes off easily in just 1-2 washes and my hair feels quite soft and shiny after washing them. It also nourishes the scalp and keeps dryness at bay.  As it has such a light consistency I have tried using it as a hair serum on the ends of my hair, and it works really well in detangling them and imparting shine.

As far as the claims of controlling hair fall are concerned, I could not see much reduction in hair fall after a single use but when used regularly for about a month it has definitely helped with the hair fall. My hair feels stronger and I do not notice as much hair while combing. So it definitely takes time and consistent application to show results.


  • Helps in controlling hair fall
  • Conditions hair and scalp
  • It does not feels sticky or greasy
  • Has very light consistency
  • Makes hair soft
  • Does not weigh down hair
  • Has pleasant fragrance


  • Takes time to show results
  • Packaging is not travel friendly

Price– INR 68 for 95ml.

Real Beauty Spot Rating– 4/5

Recommendation– Pantene Pro V Pro-Vitamin Hair Fall Control Oil helps in reducing hair fall to a certain extent when used regularly over a period of time. If you are looking for very light and non-sticky hair oil which conditions hair then it is a great option to try.