5 Best Oil Treatments For Shiny Soft Hair

A nourished scalp is the secret of long and strong hair. If your scalp is nourished and well moisturized then your hair will grow stronger and healthier. And to get nourished scalp it’s essential to try various oil treatments. So, today I will be sharing some easy oil treatments DIY to get smooth and shiny hair.

Vegetable Oil Hair TreatmentVegetable Oil Hair Treatment: You can also use vegetable oil to get smooth and shiny hair as it is very effective. First wash your hair as usual using your regular shampoo and let your hair towel-dry. Then take a bowl and mix 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil and mix it with your favorite hair conditioner. Apply this mixture on your hair in root to tip direction. Let this mixture stay for 30-45 minutes so that your hair can absorb it. Then rinse your hair with plain water so that the conditioner cleanses away and shampoo the next day.

Coconut Oil Hair TreatmentCoconut Oil Hair Treatment: Coconut oil is the best for people with dry, frizzy and life-less hair. This oil contains natural all the essential vitamins needed to get shiny smooth hair. So, using organic unrefined coconut oil on hair and scalp can make your hair healthy and strong. Take coconut oil and melt it up. Now apply it on your hair strands concentrating more on dry ends. Let it stay for minimum 30 minutes or for as long as you want. You can also use this oil as an overnight oil treatment for your hair. Wash with shampoo as usual and make sure the oil is completely rinsed away. You can apply it 2-3 times a week. Coconut oil is great for all hair types.

Mustard Oil hair treatmentMustard Oil Hair Treatment: Mustard oil is been used since ages to get smooth and shiny hair as it is really effective and economical. My mom still uses mustard oil and her hair is still strong. Take some mustard oil in a bowl according to your hair length and warm it. Now apply this warm mustard oil on your scalp and hair completely. Once you are done apply the oil, take honey and apply it on your strands and then cover your hair with shower cap. Keep this for half and hour and then wash off with shampoo as usual. You can do this 1-2 times a month to get silky smooth hair and nourished scalp.

Olive Oil hair treatmentOlive Oil Hair Treatment: Olive oil can do wonders for your dry and rough hair as it contains all the essential nutrients. You can apply it alone and it will work as a charm. Just take extra virgin olive oil and warm it up. Then massage this oil on your scalp and hair strands for 20 minutes and then wrap your head with damp warm towel and let it stay for another 20 minutes. Wrapping a towel is essential so that the oil can penetrate to hair roots. Repeat this once a week to get smooth, shiny and nourished hair. 5 Best olive oil hair treatments for shiny soft  >>

Sesame Oil Hair TreatmentSesame Oil Hair Treatment: This is an age-old remedy and I’m sure everyone is aware of it. Mix two three tbsp. of yoghurt and mix it with your favorite hair oil for e.g.. sesame oil as it’s highly beneficial for all hair types. Massage this mixture on your hair, scalp and strands evenly and let it stay for 30-45 minutes. Oil nourishes your hair whereas curd will provide proteins and will also condition your hair. Rinse off with shampoo as usual; and you will notice the difference immediately.

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