Naturally baby soft healthy lips

There maybe many lip products that can give you a perfect pout though everyone would still want to have their lips to look baby soft naturally. Follow these tips to make your lips look healthy and kissable this summer:

Naturally baby soft healthy lipsScrub using fine sugar, honey and olive oil to get rid of dry lips and keep them moisturized. Gently exfoliate using the lip scrub few times a week for soft, smooth lips.

If you have dark lips then mix lemon juice with honey to lighten them naturally, the lightening properties in lemon will help to lighten the lips naturally.

Use some beetroot juice onto your lips and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off and repeat for few times a week for soft, healthy lips.

Massage a few drops of olive oil on your lips to hydrate and moisturize the lips.

Moisturize your lips using Vaseline or if you want to go all naturally then use honey or sweet almond oil on your lips to keep them hydrated and soft over night.

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