Softer hands in 5 mins

Softer hands in 5 minsGet soft, youthful and beautiful hands at home with simple home remedies.
Moisturizing your hands makes them soft and smooth but a moisturizer is effective only when you exfoliate to remove dead dry skin before you moisturize.

  • This simple natural scrub will leave your hands feeling softer and smoother in just over a minute. Use fine sugar with olive oil, scrub your hands in circular motion for 5 mins. Do this twice a week for younger looking hands.
  • Mix fine sugar with body or hand lotion to make an excellent scrub. Massage the creamy scrub for 5mins before going to bed and rinse off. Apply a thick lotion or vaseline to treat your hands overnight.
  • Mix equal amount of lemon juice and honey and spread it all over the hands. Leave it on for 5mins and rinse off. The acidity in lemon will exfoliate the skin for softer hands.

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