Shave less this summer – Smooth summer legs

Smooth summer legs

Smooth, sexy legs is all you need this summer but to flaunt them for too long can be challenging. So here are few tips to make your shave long lasting:

 Smooth summer legsExfoliate: Exfoliating removes the dead skin, brings the hair out and gives you a closer shave, so always remember to scrub before and after you shave for better results. You can make a all natural homemade body scrub or use a loofah.

: Don’t’ have a shaving cream then use a hair conditioner, it will condition the skin making it soft and smooth.
 Use a razor with multiple blades with gentle strokes going against the hair growth.

: When your done, apply a mild moisturizing lotion or olive oil when your skin is still damp this will absorb the moisture into the skin, giving you soft, smooth legs.