DIY natural makeup products using cornstarch

It’s amazing that you can make every cosmetic using ingredient from your kitchen. Yes, whether its eyeliner, kohl, lip balm, lipstick, foundation, powders etc., you can make almost everything at home. All is need is little bit of creativity and the ingredients. Cornstarch is also a magical ingredient and with it you can make do many DIY’s. Cornstarch is used in many cosmetic product so try these easily and creative do-it-yourself beauty products:

DIY natural makeup products using cornstarchDry shampoo: Dry shampoo is the latest rage because it makes your hair look clean when they are not washed. You can use cornstarch as natural dry shampoo to get rid of “bad-hair-day”.

You will need:
* Cornstarch
* Essential Oil

Take one fourth cup of cornstarch and mix 5 tbsp. of essential oil into it. Now take a makeup brush and apply this cornstarch to your roots. Blend it through your hair thoroughly so that it’s not visible. Cornstarch will add a bounce to your hair and will also absorb oil/dirt. The essential oil will make your hair smell good and will act as scented hair serum.

Contour powder: Make you own all natural contour powder.

You will need:
* Cornstarch
* Cinnamon powder

Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with 2 tablespoon of cinnamon powder. Mix together and store it in a clean dry container. You can also add in few drops of essential oil to make it scented and to make the consistency thick so that it applies smoothly. With light hand apply this powder on cheekbones for sun-kissed look.

Matte nail polish: Cornstarch is a secret ingredient for painters because it changes the glossy finish to matte finish immediately.

You will need:
* Nail Polish
* Cornstarch

You can make your own matte nail polish. Put few drops of nail polish in mixing palette, wax paper or foil paper whichever is available. Add 1-2 pinch of cornstarch in the nail polish and using a toothpick or spoon mix it well. Now take nail brush apply this mixture on your nails and let it dry. And you’re done.

Mineral powder foundation : Use this as a setting powder after applying foundation or bb cream. It’s inexpensive and works really well.

You will need:
* Cornstarch
* Cocoa powder

Make your own mineral powder by mixing 2 tablespoon of cornstarch powder with half tablespoon of cocoa powder. You can add more cocoa powder if you need more coverage. Store this mixture in a plastic container which has a secured lid. Use powder brush to apply and it will blend seamlessly into skin.

Deodorant: Want to make all natural deodorant which doesn’t irritate your armpits? You just need three ingredients coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch. DIY natural coconut oil stick deodorant. Stir it all together and then quickly pour this runny liquid in empty deodorant stick or any other container. The liquid will solidify quickly so make sure you do this step immediately. Tada, you’re done. This deodorant will not melt in room temperature and can be used upto 3 months.


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