Natural Winter hair remedies

Winters have finally arrived and the weather is getting colder day-by-day. This change in weather may cause various hair problems and a bad hair day can last for the entire season. However, taking extra care of your hair this winter can avoid  hair-issues, leaving you with healthy hair all year long. Here are few tips and tricks you can follow to prevent winter hair damage.

Natural Winter haircare remedies

Fight dandruff: The cold weather can make your scalp dry, flaky and itchy which can lead to dandruff. To prevent this problem you must hydrate your scalp from time to time. Take hot oil in a bowl (olive oil or coconut oil) and heat it up. Then squeeze lemon juice in it and apply it on scalp completely. Allow it to sit for at least 1 hour and then rinse off. Repeat it 2 times a week to prevent dandruff.

Blow dry: In winters, washing hair and then allowing them to get air-dry can be tough task. In winters, we blow dry our hair quite often and it can take away moisture from our hair. Make sure, you use the cool setting to prevent damage. And before blow drying, use a drop of oil and smooth it on your hair as a natural hair serum. You can use few drops of olive oil, coconut oil or vitamin e oil before you blow dry to add moisture and shine to your hair.

Deep Conditioning: The climate can make your hair dry, frizzy and can take away natural oils from your hair. So, deep conditioning is very important at least once a week or 3 times a month. Use one of the 7 natural deep conditioning hair treatments. Mix this mixture and apply on your stands. Allow it to sit for 1-2 hours and then rinse off with natural shampoo. This is a very good way to add nourishment. This deep conditioning treatment will make your hair smooth, soft and frizz-free.

Prevent hair fall: In winters, hair fall increases and to prevent it try this homemade treatment. You can make an oil concoction by mixing castor oil, olive oil, amla oil and coconut oil. Add equal amount of all oil and store it in a clean bottle. Shake before every use and allow this oil to sit for at least 2 hours for effective results. This oil concoction will not only stop hair fall but it will also make your hair smooth and silky.
Precautions: To prevent any winter hair damage, it’s important to take care of your tresses.

  • Wear scarves and hat whenever you go out so that the cold wind doesn’t damage your hair.
  • Avoid washing your hair frequently, two times a week is more than enough.
  • Never wash your hair with hot water, use lukewarm water as hot water can damage your tresses.
  • Tie up your hair as much as you can, braids are very in now so why not try this trend?

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