Memory Boosting Spices


Spice Up Your Memory With These 5 Spices From Your Kitchen
Are you searching for a way to pep up your memory levels? You do not need any magical pill for that. You can find the solution for your query by launching a simple attack on your spice shelf in the kitchen. There are some really fabulous ingredients that studies have proven to be more potent than all those memory boosting products available in the market. Eager to know more? Just start devouring the information given below!

Memory Boosting SpicesThe 5 Fabulous Memory Boosting Spices

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one the best gifts mankind can ever receive from Mother Earth. Such is the wide assortment of benefits it offers. Well-known for its anti-inflammatory potential, this golden yellow spice is known to safeguard the brain from damages induced by free radicals. According to various studies conducted on Indians, it was proved that intake of 6 tbsp of this spice powder shielded them from the risk of Alzheimer’s. Just one gram of this spice in your breakfast offers you a chance to improve your memory and eliminates the chances of you developing hazardous brain plaques that trigger dementia and Alzheimer’s.  DIY homemade turmeric golden milk recipe for better health >>

  1. Black Pepper

Black pepper contains an element called piperine that is pungent in nature. According to various studies, this ingredient has the ability to enhance the levels of beta-endorphins in brain and improve its cognitive functioning. This, on the other hand, paves way for a better concentration and memory. Beta-endorphins also helps in easing stress and promoting relaxation. Plus, piperine is also known to inhibit the functioning of the enzyme that negatively impacts dopamine. All these factors work harmoniously pepping up your memory.

  1. Cumin

Cumin seeds are so down to earth looking and humble. Along with imparting a delicious flavors, it is known to be beneficial in giving your memory a fabulous enrichment. Plus, what is more interesting is that studies has revealed its potential to recuperate from amnesia in a better way.

  1. Holy Basil

The memory power of a person gets affected when he is overruled by stress or has sustained some brain damage triggered by poor cerebral circulation. Holy basil, according to the studies, contains various flavonoids and terpenes along with nerol and eugenol. Studies conducted on animlas suggest that these ingredients help in easing stress as well as improving cerebral circulation, thus spicing up the memory power in such people.

  1. Sage

Sage belongs to the family of mint. A savory spice and herb, sage is known to have the potential to offer intense support to cognitive function in people suffering from memory loss issues. Studies also reveal that a healthy minded person can also use this herb to improve his cognitive functioning. It has been also referred to as an effective solution for dementia.

If you have ever take a look at the ingredients list of various memory boosting Ayurvedic medicines, then you would have noticed these spices in that. So, what are your picks for the memory boosting spices? Why don’t you let us know?