Whether you’re a makeup lover or not but lipstick is one product everyone uses. But applying lipstick comes with many problems like smudging, bleeding, feathering and the worst is lippie on teeth. Anyway, you don’t need to scare anymore because we are back with some amazing lipstick hacks every girl should know. Trust me; these hacks are life-saver.


Exfoliate using Mascara Wand: Exfoliating lips before applying lipstick is necessary for smooth application. No, you don’t need expensive exfoliating scrubs; all you need is a clean mascara wand. Yes, dip the mascara wand in your-favorite lip balm. Rub it on your lips for one minute and it will exfoliate as well as hydrate your dry lips instantly.

Lipstick off Teeth: Lip color on teeth can be really embarrassing but don’t worry here’s a trick for you. To keep lipstick off your teeth simply suck your index finger and form an “O” around your finger with your mouth. Gently pull your finger out and the lip color on your inner lips is now on your finger that would have gotten on your teeth. Just few seconds and you’ll be safe from embarrassment.

Turn Matte: You can mattify any glossy/creamy lipstick with little trick instantly. Matte lipsticks are expensive and this tip can be useful for matte lovers. After applying lipstick, take a lip brush; dip it into same color powder blush and Pat off the excess from the applicator. Dust the blush lightly on top of your lipstick and then smack your lips. This will take out the glossy or creamy sheen instantly and you’ll be left with matte long-wearing shade. You can also use finger instead of brush.

Fuller Lips: Take a light-colored concealer, dab it in a brush and apply it along the line of your lips after applying lipstick. Make the line as thick as possible and then blend it out using lip brush. You want to make sure that the line is softened because you don’t want harsh edges. You’ll see just a little bit of glow above your upper lip giving an illusion of fuller lips.

Stain Proof: Stain-proof your lipstick by simply taking a piece of tissue paper and put it on your lips after applying lipstick. Now take translucent powder and dab it on the tissue above your lips. Your lipstick will not stain and is kiss-ready now.

Define Lipstick: Make your lipstick pop and give them extra dose of definition by using this no-fuss concealer hack. After applying your lipstick, take little bit of concealer in lip brush and outline your lips with it. Blend it out carefully so that the line is softened and no harsh edges are left. You can re-apply lipstick if it’s ruined from the sides. This is a quick way to pop statement lipsticks.

Pouty Lips: For that instant pout, dab your favorite highlighter in the center of your lips after applying your lipstick. This will give an illusion of fuller and bigger lips creating perfect pout without much effort. For reds and nudes lipsticks go for gold shade highlighter and for pinks and purple lipsticks go for silver toned highlighters.