A bride to-be has so many things to take care off prior to the wedding, that sometimes the most important things gets neglected. One such thing is hair care. You may have given the fanciest treatment to your skin but if you have a hair that looks like a broom, what is the use? A luscious, shiny hair can make any bride look fabulous. So today we are going to give you some fantabulous tips to achieve just that.


Plan your routine: First of all realize that beautiful hair does not happen overnight. It requires time and effort. Your first mission has to be to know your hair issues. Most of you would know what your hair issue is and for those who don’t please fix an appointment with a doctor today. Once you know your hair issues which could be dry hair, dandruff, fizziness etc. you can plan your hair care regimen accordingly so as to cater the hair needs. Ideally you should start your hair treatments 3 to 4 months before the wedding date to get the best results.

Book your spa: Hair spa is a must for every bride especially if you want to save time and effort of going for home remedies. Ideally you need four spa sessions before your D-day. The total number of session might vary depending on your hair. If the damage is too much then the hair spa sessions might also increase. Frizzy, dry, lifeless, damaged hair will require more sessions.

Address the issue: There are chances the bride might have some serious hair issues like dandruff. In such cases proper hair treatment needs to be taken. In case of dandruff, there are two types, dry scalp dandruff and oily scalp dandruff.

  • Dry scalp dandruff brides must use warm coconut, olive or almond oil to massage the scalp for 20 minutes and give hot towel treatment on your scalp for 5 minutes. Rinse the hair with a gentle shampoo.
  • Oily scalp dandruff must make sure to keep the scalp clean by washing with a gentle shampoo daily. Oiling in such scalp condition is generally not recommended.

Use natural products: Make use of natural products as much as possible and avoid hair products especially the ones that contain sodium lauryl sulfate or ammonium lareth sulfate. This may dry out your hair which will curl it or make it frizzy.

  • If you want to make your hair shiny use products with mint oil and tea tree oil.
  • For dry frizzy hair use Mayonnaise, olive oil or egg yolk mask.
  • Curd does a great job as a hair conditioner along with honey.
  • For dandruff, you can use chickpea flour, curd and lemon juice pack for hair. Use this hair pack twice a week.
  • Make use of silk pillows while sleeping. Cotton pillows are rough on hair and cause hair damage. You can also apply leave-in conditioner in the night to wake up with gorgeous hair.