Crow’s feet, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, are first signs of aging. These signs are unavoidable but definitely delayed. All you need is a little bit of time from your daily routine to pamper your eye area. The point to be noted is skincare needs to be done at the right time in the right way. There are also special under eye cream that meets a specific problem in the eye area.

Applying cream in the eye area is an art that if mastered will give you the best results in terms of protecting the eye area. The key is to be as gentle but effective application of the cream in that area.


The wrong way of applying eye cream can result adversely so the key is certainly to master the right way of applying eye cream.

Here are the points you need to keep in mind while applying eye cream.

  1. The right cream: Firstly choose a right eye cream that will meet your requirements or problems. Anti-aging eye cream is good in general.
  2. Wash face thoroughly: The most important step in application of eye cream is to apply it on a clean face. There should not be any kind of oil, makeup or dirt around the eye area.
  3. Less is more: Eye cream is targeted specifically to the eye area, hence small amount is all that is required. More product will not get absorbed well in the skin too.
  4. Application: For applying eye cream there are 2 options for you, ring finger and cotton swab. If you prefer using finger for application, then ring finger is the best. Ring finger puts the least pressure on the eye area hence always use ring finger to massage the under area. The next option is to use cotton swab, of course a fresh one. Take the eye cream on the swab and dot the cream under the eye and corner of the eye.
  5. Spread it completely: Gently dot the eye cream and work towards the inner bottom corner of the eye first. Then proceed towards the outer corner. Continuing the same dotting motion proceed towards the upper inner corner to outer length of the eye. Apply the eye cream not just under and on the lids, but also on the crease area, below the eyebrow area, both the corners of the eyes and specially concentrating the problematic area. If you wish to massage the area then use gentle touch with ring finger preferable. This way it be more effective.
  6. The massage: While massaging always begin from the inner corner and then proceed towards the outside of the eyes. Massage very gently in circular motion.


  • Do not forget the area above the cheekbones, area close to the nose area. If you have fine lines under the eye or wrinkles then massage that area a bit more.
  • Soft sweeping strokes are very beneficial for the eye area.
  • The cream will take some time to get absorbed into the skin so it is better not to layer products over the eye cream.