Surprising Uses for Lip Balm Other than on Your Lips

Lip balm the most significant product ever! It is exclusively made to keep your lips baby soft and smooth. While posing or getting those perfect pout, it is only the lip balm you think about. No doubt it keeps you away from chapped lips but there are some extra ordinary uses of lip balm in daily routine which you never knew about. When your problem can be cured by just using a moisturising lip balm, than what are we waiting for? Read on more to know alternate uses of lip balm.

Surprising Uses for Lip Balm Other than on Your Lips

Prevent shoe bites: We all love wearing high heel, no matter how much they trouble and harm us. I often get shoe bites after wearing those brand new high heels; if same is the situation for you, lip balm is best to be used. Rub some lip balm on the area that is more prone to get bites. It helps to prevent the shoe bites and also can be used to heel them. This can be used to prevent shoe bites and also cure them.

Groom those arches: Oh lord, I have not groomed my arches and I need to attend the party next hour. What’s the solution? I wish I knew eye-browing , but at the same time I’m lucky enough to have a moisturising lip balm in my wardrobe. Rub your lip balm over your arches and this will help to maintain the proper shape and also add some shine to it.

Shine your shoes: Dull shoes are obviously not wanted by any one of us. Renew your shoes by adding some shine to it. Rub your lip balm all over your heels, this will add some shine to it and also make them look newly purchased.

Eyelashes: Eyelashes are best when separated properly with the help of good mascara. If you happen to miss your mascara, lip balm can be the next alternative you should think about. Take the lip balm and push your eyelashes in the upward direction which will separate them well and make them appear fuller.

Dry feet’s: You should always keep your feet’s moisturize to keep them healthy and soft. But sometimes your feet’s looks too much dry and cracked especially in these summer days. To get rid of dry feet’s put your lip balm into use. Always apply the lip balm before cleaning your legs and feet’s properly and also it tends to be abit slippery if you walk immediately after applying lip balm.

Natural Blush: Want to achieve flawless and stainless checks? Don not worry take small amount of lip balm and rub it over your cheeks. It will not only make your cheeks good and shiny but also provides a good fragrance on your skin.

To stop bleeding from those deep cuts: You might not know when you have got minor cuts on your hands or leg. To stop bleeding from those minor or major cuts use a lip balm and keep your hand over it so that the blood stops running down and lip balm heals the injury.

Mend the zippers: Zippers are the biggest ditcher. They can ditch you at any point and especially when you are in hurry and want to rush out next minute. Take a lip balm and rub it over the zip, now move the zip up and own so that it smooth’s and mends back. There are maximum chances for zippers to mend with the help of lip balm.