Indians show immense love and passion for jewellery and an Indian bride is never complete without proper traditional jewellery. Ornaments are the most essential thing for a gorgeous woman at her wedding. The trend of jewellery had started more than 50 years ago in India itself, where jewellery was used by the kings and queen to show attitude and royalty and we youngsters are continuing the trend of jewellery in our culture.

What has changed over the last years is just the design and the pattern of it, but the significance of jewellery remains the same. Let’s have a look for different type of jewellery essential for Indian bride at her wedding-


  1. Nath (Nose ring)

You might have observed the trend of nath has reverted back and became popular with most of the Bollywood divas here. Nath is a rig round ring which is worn by the bride at her wedding. There are various types of nath available; it may differ in size and design. Some are exact big round Naths while some are very small and studded. The type of nath worn by a maharastrian bride is different from the north Indian bride. The comeback of nath is due to the craze of piercing in the generation.

  1. Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is slowly gaining its popularity from Bollywood stars to models of runway. They have accepted the new accessory and totally rocked the Maang Tikka with their attire. Maang Tikka is mostly worn on your forehead where it usually hangs between the eyebrows. Earlier, Maang Tikka was worn by both men and women as a traditional ornament. It also represents to be the teesri ankh for women which build a strong willpower in her.

  1. Baaju band

Baaju band are also known as arm bracelet. They are mostly broad in size and are tied tightly on both the arms. Baaju band speaks its own significance in India for a bride, it is tied on your arms to strength your hand and body with more energy and power. As it is said that a girl’s real life starts from the day she gets married; hence baaju band promises to give strong support to a women.

  1. Kamarband

Kamar band is mostly worn around the waist and is the most gorgeous essential for the Indian bride. The type of kamar band worn differs from state to state. The kamarband worn is mostly thin chain for the ladies in south, whereas north Indian brides where multiple chain with hangings in between. Kamarband was previously worn by the women who would rule the kingdom, and this is the symbol of being a powerful lady ruler.

  1. Kallire

Kallire are mostly worn by Punjabi bride which is a long hanging dome-shaped accessory which is golden in colour. It has a ritual to be followed by this special ornament, the bride hits her Kallire on her unmarried sister and friends, the lady who gets the Kallire is considered to get married next. Kallire are gifted to the bride by someone elder in the family and the bride is not allowed to see the Kallire before she gets married so it is tied in white cotton cloth.

  1. Chooda

Chooda is mostly worn by north Indian brides, which are usually red and white in colour. Chuda is to be worn by the bride for next few months or may be a year even, which is a symbol of newly married women. Now there have been expansions in Chooda colours that are marron, pink and orange. The price range of Chooda differs from shop to shop depending upon the quality of it.

  1. Jhoomar

Jhoomar is most essential wear for an Islamic bride. It adds elegance to the bride. Jhoomar usually comes in shape of ‘Jhoomar’ and is considered to be the blessing from the elder, friends and relatives. For an Islamic bride, it is mandatory to where the Jhoomar before proceeding for her nikka. This beautiful hair piece looks amazing on the bride.

  1. Bangles

Bangles are something which every married or unmarried woman loves to have, but it is important particularly for the women to wear at her wedding day. Type of bangles depends from women belong to different state, maharashtrian women wears green colour bangles, whereas a Bengali bride wears white and red ivory bangles. North Indian bride may wear light green or marron bangles.