Today I am here with a review of the most awaited IPhone 6! I wanted to purchase an IPhone since a very long time since most of my friends had it, besides I would envy their awesome Whatsapp display pictures :p I was eyeing IPhone 5s but ended up purchasing an IPhone 6!

I actually thought of buying it in Diwali as many stores and various online websites have great deals but I ended up purchasing it few days back as Flipkart had a new seller with an introductory offer (that too with ‘Flipkart Advantage’ tag! how cool is that! For those who don’t know what ‘Flipkart Advantage’ is- any seller with flipkart advantage written beside it means that the product is rechecked and packaged by flipkart and you can buy anything without the fear of receiving a fake or damaged product). So, here I am with the review of IPhone 6:


PRICE: I got it in an offer for just INR 41,999 from Flipkart whereas it is sold at a whooping price of around INR 49000 in the stores (on the box it is printed 56,000 though!)


  • Well, this is the best part! Unboxing your very own IPhone is a great feeling in itself.
  • The box comes in a standard IPhone packaging- white sturdy box with IPhone written on the sides. The box comes sealed with plastic (you need to check this whenever you buy one) which you need to remove. The box contains the IPhone on the top and rest of the accessories like headphones, charger (the plug and USB) and a sim card extractor.
  • Headphones come in a cute little plastic case which I use to store the headphones.


  • Extremely thin, the iPhone 6 flaunts a seamless design with the smooth blend of anodised aluminium, stainless steel and the curved, polished glass.
  • Featuring the thinnest and most advanced Multi-Touch display ever made, the Apple iPhone 6 promises a high-contrast output with incredible colours and brightness on its 4.7 inch Retina HD display. IPhone 6 has an amazing display resolution of 1334×750 pixels.
  • Thanks to the all-new A8 processor with 64-bit architecture and an advanced 20 nanometre process, the iPhone 6 delivers an incredibly powerful performance while being extremely efficient. IPhone 6 has 50x faster CPU performance and up to 84x faster GPU performance.
  • M8 Motion Coprocessor continuously measures data from your iPhone’s different sensors such as accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and the new barometer.
  • There is nothing that can beat the iPhone 6’s iSight camera. The iPhone 6’s 8 MP iSight camera gets new features such as a new sensor with Focus Pixels, improved face detection and exposure control. Also, now you can take amazing 1080p HD videos with the world’s most popular camera.
  • IPhone 6 has an improved security with Touch ID technology. Now you can securely access your phone with your fingerprint – no more worries about forgetting your pass code ever again.
  • The iPhone 6 comes with the biggest iOS release ever – the iOS 8 (I have updated to iOS 9). Moreover, the iPhone 6 comes with Bluetooth and 3G support.


  • Model Name- iPhone 6
  • Model ID- A1586
  • SIM Size- Nano SIM
  • Processor- 1.4 GHz + A8 Chip with 64-bit Architecture and M8 Motion Co-processor, Dual Core
  • Size- 4.7 inch
  • Resolution- 1334 x 750 Pixels
  • Rear Camera- 8 MP
  • Front Facing Camera- 1.2 MP
  • Video Recording- 1920 x 1080
  • Size- 67×138.1×6.9 mm
  • Battery type- Li-Ion
  • Warranty Summary- 1 year manufacturer warranty for Phone and for in the box accessories


  • STOP THE MUSIC WITH TIMER- if you like listening to music but often doze off without switching it off, this trick is certainly going to work for you! You can use a timer to help you shut down the music. To do this, tap on Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends. Scroll down and tap Stop Playing. Then, set a timer (say 15 mins) and tap Start. Now you may play any music and it will be turned off after 15 mins.
  • USE HEADPHONE CORD TO TAKE PHOTO- Shaky hands not getting you good photos? Well you can trigger a snapshot using the volume up or down buttons on your headphone.
  • SWITCH SHOOTING DIRECTIONS IN PANORAMA- Tap the arrow in Panorama mode to switch the shooting direction so you can take a panorama picture from left to right or right to left.
  • UNDO TYPING TO DELETE TYPED MESSAGE- Shake your iPhone and tap Undo Typing to delete your message. Changed your mind? Shake your iPhone again and tap on Redo Typing to retrieve your original message.
  • CHARGE YOUR IPHONE QUICKER USING AN IPAD ADAPTER- It is easy to lose track of the remaining charge on your iPhone battery, so there may be occasions where you need to power your device as quickly as possible. There is a trick to achieve this with the iPhone 6, however, as a typical iPad adaptor can be used to deliver a quicker and more efficient charge. Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are able to effectively use 2.1 Amp power under certain circumstances. So long as you commit to charging your iPhone in short and sharp bursts with the more powerful adapter, you can get it working quickly without damaging its long-term performance.
  • HOLDING DOWN THE CAPTURE BUTTON TO TAKE A SERIES OF PICTURES (BURST)- The iPhone 6 has an excellent camera app, which has subsequently been embellished with a number of additional features. There is now the opportunity to take multiple photographs simultaneously, for example, simply by accessing the camera app and holding down the ‘Capture’ icon when framing the image.
  • TIME LAPSE- the iOS 8 and iPhone 6 also boast a brand new feature called the ‘Time Lapse Guide’. This also enables you to capture a series of images with the click of a single icon, but the difference is that each shot can be snapped at specific intervals to suit your purpose. It is ideal for capturing a scene with movement, as these individually taken images can then be combined and edited to showcase something in motion.
  • simply swipe left along the tabs at the bottom of the camera app until your arrive at ‘Time Lapse’. You can then use the presented clock dial to set the intervals at which the camera will capture images before initiating the process.

These are just a few tricks you can do with your IPhone 6. IPhone 6 has much more to offer and please the consumers!


FINAL VERDICT: IPhone 6 is a great phone to have with all the amazing apps and features. The only con I could find is its average battery life and that it is extraordinarily expensive. We surely couldn’t ignore the fact that despite being so expensive, people purchase this and I am sure many of your friends must be having an IPhone! So yes, having an IPhone is something in itself! Highly recommend!