How to be comfortable in heels

How to be comfortable in heelsWe cannot imagine an outfit without heels. It makes us look slimmer, taller and obviously complete. We feel more confident in heels, don’t we? Flats are equally good but they kinda give a casual look. We cannot depart from heels, however, we can try to make ourselves comfortable in it. Here are few simple tips to be comfortable in heels:

Choose the right size:

Do not opt for a size which is either smaller or larger than your original sizes. Remember, sizes also vary depending on the brands. You may be using X inches of Y brand, but it may not be the case with other brands. The sizes may vary. Try your footwear before purchasing it. A wrong size can be a discomfort to you.

Avoid too high heels:

Along with your image you also need to think about your health. A high heel of 4-5 inches will definitely damage your bones on the foot and will also pressurize your balls. A heel of 1 or 2 inches is recommendable on a regular basis. There are chances that you might twist your ankle if  you are on too high heels.

Round toes:

You don’t have to necessarily wear sharp pointed shoes to get that classy cool. If you are a corporate woman, I do understand the need. However, round toes will also serve your purpose. The toes will not be under pressure and will be at your comfort if you opt for round toes pattern. The sharp pointed shoes will impact your toe, causing joint pain and other problems. Avoid them.


Check your cushioning area before wearing a footwear. It should be placed under the ball of the foot so that comfort is at the highest level. We tend to forget that our complete weight lies on the foot and it has to be balanced properly without hampering the bones. A shoe insert can also be used if the cushioning is not right. You can also go for insoles and ball toes for better results. They are designed to take care of the high heel pain. They are very economical in range and can be easily purchased in any of the beauty stores.

Sock covering:

If you purchased a new pair and want your shoes to be stretched, here is a trick. Cover your shoes with socks and leave it overnight to make it more comfortable to wear. You can also use a hair dryer and blow it all over the shoes for few minutes. Try it out and share the results.

Anti-slip heel inserts:

Worried about slipping from your heels? The anti-slip heel inserts are a great product to prevent from falling. This will keep the heel of your shoe stable and at a single place. It will also prevent the blisters or boils that normally tends to occur.

Use full insoles:

The insoles take the responsibility of distributing the pressure evenly without any damage to your heel. You will be at ease and also can continue wearing heels for longer time. Choose a full insole with arch support so that the pressure of the heels is not felt on the balls of the foot. The only problem with using insole is that it might make the footwear little tight. You can check your comfort level and decide accordingly. Choose a branded insole.

Wear your heels without any second thought now. I am sure these tips will help you out.

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