Bras are an integral part of our wardrobe and we need to take utmost care of it. They are as expensive as the outer clothes and needs care to be maintained. Only cannot afford to throw it from the wardrobe and keep replacing it. Here are some hacks to wash padded bras:


Don’t wash after every single wash: There is no hard and fast rule to wash your bra on regular basis until and unless you sweat every day. The summers will leave the bras stinky and smelly. In such case, you have to wash it regularly or else it will lead to infections. If you had sweat out or have gone for some exercises, a daily wash is required.

Read the labels: Every bra has a label and basic instructions are written on it. Check whether they are washable or not. Also check if there is any instruction on hand wash or machine washed.

Hands wash your bras: The machines will ruin the fabric of your bra, no matter how expensive they are. It is always better to soak them for a while in surf and wash them. Do not use brush on your bras.

Use a lingerie bag: If you are planning to wash your bras in machine, use a lingerie bag. This will protect the bras from the harsh machine mechanism. There are lingerie bags that can hold 3- 4 bras at a time. Meanwhile, also separate the darker bras from the lighter ones so that the colours don’t cling to each other. Separate your bras from other clothes for hygiene purpose.

Do not bleach: Yes, it’s a strict no, whether instructions are given or not. There are X symbols on the bra labels which means that those bras should not be bleached. Bleach is a chemical that might lighten your bra colour, but will also affect your skin. Hence, think twice before bleaching your bra

Don’t squeeze the bras: This is the most common mistake that women make. They just twist the bra to extract the excess water out of it, without even realizing that they are damaging the fabric of the bra. If you are using padded bra, then it is a strict on. Do not put them in the dryer as it will lead to wear and tear of the bra. You can just take it out from water and place it directly for drying.

Never hang your bra from clothesline: Do not hang your bra from clothesline as gravity pulls it from below. This will loosen up the fabric and hamper it. Always hang your bra from the band. This will stretch the bra. Also avoid hanging it from cups. You can lay it flat on a towel or clean surface. Let the water be dried out completely.

Do not iron them: We are used to ironing every clothes that we put on our body. Bras don’t have wrinkles and they don’t need to be ironed. Just fold them following the proper creases. This will suffice the purpose. The artificial heat will damage the bra fabric.

Store them safely: Store them properly so that they can be used for longer time. Do not throw them randomly and spoil the creases. Treat them well so that they treat you well. A good bra helps in building confidence. So next time, when you wash it, do it carefully, dry it up carefully and store it well.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Do share some of the bra handling hacks if you are aware of it.