No-poo method is the latest trend these days adopted by many people and I am one of them! No-poo method is nothing but giving up shampoo and using other DIY hair recipes for hair washing. Co-washing is another such method in which shampoo is not used but conditioner is used, you can read more about co-washing and its benefits. Many at times, conditioner leads to build up especially girls with oily hair. There are some really good cleansing conditioners in the market which conditions as well as cleanses. I have compiled 5 best cleansing conditioners available so far. Have a look:


HERBAL ESSENCES NAKED CLEANSING CONDITIONER: This cleansing conditioner is free of sulphates and parabens. Just apply on wet hair and massage for 2-3 minutes before washing. It leaves hair soft, clean and shiny. It has a nice fragrance too which lingers for some time. Price: INR 450

LOREAL EVERCREME SULPHATE-FREE MOISTURE SYSTEM CLEANSING CONDITIONER: Say goodbye to the crunchy frizzy hair with this amazing conditioner from loreal. This conditioner lathers a bit after massaging and perfect to be used for co-washing. It is free of sulphates, what more one could ask for? It contains 1 quarter cleanser and 3 quarters of moisturizing conditioners that’s full of nourishing, hair softening omega-3 and -6 that gently cleanses hydrates and reduces breakage. Price: INR 448

MATRIX BIOLAGE CLEANSING CONDITIONER FOR CURLY HAIR: You can repair your fluffy, fuzzy curly hair with this matrix biolage conditioner. It removes product buildup, being moisturizing at the same time leaving behind nice and bouncy curls. It makes your hair fresh, shiny and bouncy. Pomegranate preservatives add and unexpected and delightful fruity fragrance. Price: INR 1666

WEN BY CHAZ DEAN LAVENDER CLEANSING CONDITIONER: This conditioner is a product people swear by! It effectively cleanses hair giving it a nice healthy shine making it smoothably touchable. In addition to nourishing aloe leaf extract and avocado oil, it also contains a smoothing blend of calendula, chamomile and lavender oil. Lavender is known for its soothing properties, making this the perfect wash to unwind with after a long day! Price: $32

UNWASH BIOCLEANSING CONDITIONER: This conditioner is suitable for any hair types- be it thick coarse hair or very fine baby-kind-of hair. It is supremely hydrating and does not weigh down hair, and it is so gentle that it won’t fade your hair dye at all. This makes it perfect for coloured hair as well! It has a nice mesmerizing fruity-floral fragrance which I am sure everyone will love. Price: INR 2307

Now that you know the best conditioners for co-washing, you may grab one of these products and give a hi5 to no-poo/co-wash method! Happy conditioning 🙂

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