Self-tanners have improved since they were first introduced to the market and earned a notorious reputation for producing orange, streaky colour. Incorrect shade selection and errors in application still produce the occasional self-tanning error, though. Although streaks and discoloration will go away in a few weeks once the outer layers of skin slough off, some people who self-tan may not be able to wait for their botched tanning to disappear on its own. Learning how to remove unsightly self-tanner is a must in today’s tan-happy day and age. Many times improper application of self-tanner can cause the skin to look orange, unnatural or uneven. Skin looks its best when it’s glowing, not when it’s blotchy or streaky.

HOW TO REMOVE SELF TANNER, NATURALLYIf a new self-tanner has turned your skin orange, try these techniques to return your skin to its natural shade:

USING A CREAM-BASED BODY SCRUB Streaks are a result of not using enough formula and missing spots as you apply. If you end up with a streaky-looking tan, lightly exfoliate with a cream based body scrub. The cream base won’t make your skin dry and the scrubbing particles will scrub away dead skin cells.

BUFFING: You may try buffing your skin with a good quality natural loofah. The scratchy surface of the exfoliating natural loofah lifts the unevenness from your skin’s surface, and will do your work perfectly!

USING BAKING SODA+LEMON JUICE BLEND: You can mix baking soda and lemon juice to make a paste and apply it on the scrub with very gentle scrubbing. They’re both lightening agents and will effectively life the colour! The lemon juice’s acidity helps break up the colour on your skin and baking soda effectively scrubs it out. 10 best beauty tips using Lemon and honey

USING TOOTHPASTE/ACETONE: Whitening toothpaste and acetone nail polish remover can also be used on your palms and in between your fingers to help remove any splotches. The toothpaste works the same way it lifts tartar and stains from your teeth, and the acetone helps removes splotches, like it does in a nail polish.

USING BABY OIL: Baby oil or even just a regular body oil is a most effective weapon in your fake tan removal arsenal. If your tan turns out to be a lot darker than you were hoping, drench your skin in baby oil and leave it on for 30-40 minutes. Afterwards, run a bath and use an exfoliating mitt to scrub away excess. Baby oil is perfect as it softens the cells and renders them easier to slough off. This causes the top layer of color to loosen and lift, leaving your skin less “tan” than it initially appeared. BEST BENEFITS AND USES OF BABY OIL

TRY USING A MOISTURIZER: If your self tanner is darker in some spots than others, it means your skin is drier in those areas. To lighten them up, exfoliate the area and then moisturize the spot. The next time you self tan, be sure to moisturize those areas (typically your knees, elbows, knuckles, ankles) first, and then apply your self tanner to keep the dry skin from absorbing more colour than necessary.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to remove your self-tanner.