I am a big fan of baby products. They are so incredibly mild and safe that anybody can use it on their body without a second thought; Not kidding! Baby oil is one such product that has a number of uses; on body and around the home as well! It is nothing but modified mineral oil, and on the much safer side. You can use baby oil for the following purposes:


You can use baby oil as massage oil! Smoothen it all over the skin and give a good massage with gentle strokes and medium pressure. You may mix the baby oil with other essential oils of your choice as well.

Baby oil is an excellent makeup remover with additional benefit of making skin soft and supple. Put some baby oil on a cotton ball. Gently rub it over any eye makeup that you want to remove. Maybe use another cotton ball to wipe away any excess oil. Natural makeup removers>>

Baby oil can be used a bath oil too. Just put few drops in the bath tub and let it soak in your skin. This will moisturize your skin and make it incredibly soft.

You can use the baby oil as post shave oil on hands and legs.

Baby oil can be used to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. All you need to do is apply baby oil on the tummy since 5th month of pregnancy to 2 months post-delivery.

Want to add shine to your wooden furniture? Just rub few drops of baby oil over it.

Are you frustrated with untangling your necklace chain? Just give it an oil bath! It’ll lubricate the metal links, allowing them to separate more easily. Use a pin to work out the tangled knot after the dunk in oil.

Baby oil can be used to soften cracked heels. Just apply baby oil on the cracked feet and cover it with a sock. Leave it overnight as a nigh treatment. Home remedies to baby soft feet >>

If you’ve got some bubblegum or wax on your body or in your hair, baby oil will get it out. Apply a small amount to the affected area, let it sit, then work at the mess with your fingertips. It’ll make the gum easier to get out, it’ll soften the wax, and it will help the bandage come off without tearing out any hair.

Baby oil can also be used to remove any wax residues after a waxing session.

This way you can use baby oil for a number of uses. Do you use baby oil in any other way?