How to Prevent and reduce Crows Feet naturally

Crow’s feet are small wrinkles, laugh lines or character lines around the eye area. This is a sign of aging but it can also occur due to sun damage, aging and various other reasons. Our skin tends to stretch due to the elasticity property due to which these lines appear. These lines are not at all attractive and people try to get rid of them by various techniques. Here are some tips and tricks to remove and prevent crow’s feet.

How to Prevent and reduce Crows Feet

Papaya Mask: Take papaya pulp and keep it in a bowl. Now add one tbsp of olive oil in the papaya pulp and mask it to make smooth paste. Apply it on your face as a mask and let it stay for 20-25 minutes. Then wash off with warm water and apply moisturizer. Papaya improves skin appearance by removing wrinkles, acne and also improving complexion.

DIY Natural cream: You can make your own moisturizing cream to cure crow’s feet naturally. Take one tbsp of beeswax and cocoa butter each in a pan. Add 3 tbsp of olive oil and heat the mixture for 10-15 minute. Let it cool down and then add 2-3 tbsp of rose-water. Stir this mixture to form a thick paste like cream. Apply this cream every night and you will see result in just one week.

Castor oil and Milk: Take one tbsp of castor oil, one tbsp of olive oil, two tbsp milk and one tbsp of rosewater. Mix all the four ingredients well and apply it on affected area. Let it stay for half an hour and then wash off with plain water. Castor oil is very good and effective way to get rid of wrinkles easily.

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Egg White: Egg white reduces the appearance of crow’s feet when used regularly. Apply one egg white on clean face and let it dry completely. Now apply second layer on the first one and allow it to dry. Then apply third layer and let it dry. You can add more layers to form a thick mask on face. Let it stay for around 20 minutes and then rinse off with cleanser. Repeat it twice a week.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera has antioxidant properties which help in reducing appearance of crow’s feet. You can drink one tbsp of aloe vera juice every morning or you can apply fresh aloe vera gel on affected area every night. Keep the gel overnight and in the morning wash off with plain water.

How to prevent Crow’s Feet:

  1. Wear good quality sun glasses to get eye protection from harmful UV radiations.
  2. Always wear high SPF sunscreen before stepping out and even when you are at home.
  3. Quick smoking right now as it speeds up the biochemical processes of aging.
  4. Reduces brightness of your computer screen and phones so that your eyes don’t stress much. If you work on computer for long hours then give your eyes rest after every hour for five minutes.
  5. Eye area is extremely gentle so don’t rub your eyes harshly. Always apply and remove makeup gently.