5 DIY Natural Super Exfoliating Masks for Soft skin

We all love two in one face masks, right? Exfoliating masks not only exfoliate away dead skin cells but they also leave skin smoother and soft. There are many exfoliating masks available in the market but they contain chemicals. So, it’s better to make your own DIY exfoliating mask as you can choose your own products that target your skin concerns. Here are best five exfoliating mask that you can try to get healthy looking skin.

exfoliating honey maskBaking Soda and Honey Mask: Take 3 tsp of baking soda with a 1 tbsp of honey to make a paste. You can also add 2 vitamin E capsules for dry skin if you have them for added benefit. Mix everything in a small container and then apply a generous amount all over face and neck. Let it stay for 20 minutes and allow it to dry. To remove the mask, wet your fingers and massage your face in circular motion using two fingers. Rinse off well with warm water and then apply ice. Baking soda will scrub away dead skin while honey willmoisturize skin.exfoliating milk mask

Milk and oatmeal Mask: Take 1tbsp of oatmeal powder, mix it with 2 tbsp of Milk and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon. Keep mixing both the ingredients till you get a smooth and even mixture. Apply it on your face and let it stay for around 20 minutes. Now rinse off the mask by exfoliating face in circular motion gently to remove dead skin cells.

exfoliating rice maskRice Flour and Green Tea Mask: Brew one green tea bag in half cup of hot water for 15 minutes and allow it to cool down. Once the green tea water is cooled down take mix it with one tbsp of rice flour. Mix everything well and use small circular motion to exfoliate the skin. Leave it on for 15mins before you rinse off. This mask will exfoliate and rejuvenate your face instantly. It will remove suntan and will give you glowing skin.exfoliating coffee mask

Orange Juice and coffee Mask: Add orange juice to coffee grounds to make a mask, you can add the juice according to the consistency you would like to have for face mask. Apply this mask and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then rinse off by exfoliating your face to get rid of dry and dead skin. Orange will deep cleanse your pores and it’s highly rich in Vitamin C will benefit your skin while coffee will scrub off dead skin. You can also try 5 best coffee beauty recipes for beautiful skin and hair.

exfoliating yogurt maskYogurt and Sugar Mask: Add one tbsp of yogurt to a tsp of sugar. Mix everything well and apply a thick layer on face and neck. Let the mask semi-dry for 15 minutes and then using wet fingers exfoliate face gently using circular motion. Yogurt nourish skin completely and give glowing skin immediately.