Though I love my hair very much, sometimes they are frustrating and unmanageable too and this is the most common experience with girls who spend their day working out at gyms. Seriously when hair starts troubling you it tends to spoil the mood.

HOW TO FIX YOUR HAIR AFTER A WORKOUTWorkout is a time when we want to concentrate completely on our health and fitness and also religiously follow the workout procedures. There is a lot of sweat that our body releases during and after workout, so it is important to fix your hair properly so that it does not come in contact with the body sweat. So here are some tricks which will help you to fix back your hair properly.

Use hairbands: Always use hairbands during and after workouts. The sweat released by the body accumulates on the forehand and neck soon. If you have fringes or short hair there are more chances of the hairs to come in contact with the sweat which will lead to stickiness in hair. To fix your hair properly and keep those safe, Use a hairband. You should use hand bands made out of cloth which are good to fix hair properly and allows feels light.

Up do hairstyle: Oh come on you have just finished your workout, so why looking forward for a high-end hairstyle. Just take all your hair, twist it and tuck it high with the help of a rubber band or clip. This looks like a messy bun and will hold your hair perfectly without irritating your face.

High pony: If you don’t want to make a high messy bun, you can tie a high pony too. High Pony is also an alternative idea to keep the hair safe. Avoid using plastic or rigid rubber bands; get wide cloth rubber bands which will not lead to hair breakage. Plastic rubber bands are too tight and may sometimes make you feel comfortable.

Shampooing: Washing your hair just after you come from workout is a good practise. Washing hair thoroughly will promote good health and strength to them. Shampoo will help to remove the excess oil that the scalp has produced while workout, if this is not clean soon that are chances of dirt accumalating all over your scalp which can further lead to dandruff problems.

Pull your hands back: Many of us have a bad habit of touching or managing hair one after the other. They are not even aware how many times do they manage hair in an hour. Frequently touching hair is a strict no, this will transfer the sweat from your hands and palms to the hair which automatically vacuums the oil.

No styling tools: If you want to step out of home the very next hour of your workout, do not use a styling tools to get the hairstyle perfect. Machines usually have hot metal rods which may be harsh on your hair moreover it will increase the heat on your scalp due to steam release out of it. Try to use dry shampoo as an alternative.

You can try the above steps to fix your hair after workout which will ensure hair safety and health. If you are using a hairband or a rubber band for an up do hairstyle, make sure they are of good quality and not much tight. A tight band irritates your hair and restricts the scalp from breathing too.

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