Come summers and you know you have to prepare your skin to put up with the scorching heat, the damaging rays of sun, the sweat, the oil and dirt! Your skin that looked so bright and radiant during the winters got transformed into a dull, dark and lifeless entity overnight. During summer months, your skin needs extra care and attention. So, how to take care of your skin during the summers? Follow a few easy tips and be summer ready!


Six amazing tips to care for your skin during summer: Make water your best friend: It is extremely important to keep your body and skin hydrated during the summers. The temperature is high and when you step outdoors, you are prone to excessive sweating, dizzy spells, headaches and dehydration. Drink gallons of water to keep your skin and your body hydrated. Make sure you drink at least ten glasses of water everyday!

Splash your face clean: Sweat, dirt and oil tend to form a stubborn layer on your skin. Make sure that you wash your face by splashing cool water several times a day. Use a mild face wash to do away with the surface impurities, which if not removed, tend to spur pimples and blemishes. Choose cleansers containing salicylic acid, glycolic acids, tea tree oil, mint extracts and aloe vera extracts. If you rely on homemade facial cleansers based on the needs of your skin, try a mixture of besan and raw milk or besan and rose water, which has stood the test of time.

Exfoliate for a smoother skin: No matter how careful you are about cleansing, debris still piles up on the layers of your skin. Exfoliate your skin twice a week with a good quality scrub and do away with dead skin cells and impurities that have gathered in the pores. If you wish to get a summer scrub for your face, try mixing two tablespoons of ground almonds with two tablespoons of mashed mango pulp. Use this delicious fruit scrub to get squeaky clean skin.

Use refreshing toners: Toners help to refresh your skin in no time. Wipe your face with chilled rose water or cool cucumber juice several times a day. Watermelon juice works wonders as well! These toners help to soothe irritated skin and impart a cooling sensation to your facial skin during the hot summer days.

Never forget the sun protection factor: Invest in sunscreen lotions and gels (based on your skin type) from reputed brands. Apply it on your face whenever you are stepping out of your house during the daytime. Application and re-application of sunscreen with a high SPF would help to block the harmful rays of the sun. While choosing sunscreens, invest in oil-free formulae, mattifying serums and sweat-free gels for added comfort of your facial skin during the summer months.

Invest in soothing face packs: You skin needs extra care during the hot summer months. You may choose to invest in face masks from reputed brands for controlling the secretion of oil, tanning problem and for soothing and cooling irritated skin. You may also like to make homemade face masks which are equally effective. Use a multani mitti-rosewater purifying face mask once a week for taming your over-active sebaceous glands. Applying fresh aloe vera gel soothes irritated skin. Go for a yoghurt and honey mask for an anti-tanning treatment and also to keep your skin hydrated.

With these few tips, caring for your skin during the summer months can be easy. Be gentle to your skin, drink lots of water and never forget your sunscreen lotion and umbrella during the summer days. Your skin would love you if you show that extra care and concern!