Home remedies for Back & Butt acne

Oh so tomorrow you have the big day you were waiting for, right? That’s great. Whether it is an interview or a date coming up, naturally there are going to be butterflies in the stomach. But what might prevent you from shining all over the place are the acne breakouts. And it can be tough getting them away from our back and butts. But relax. There are ways to get the ‘backne’ over and done away with through these home remedies.

Home remedies for pimples on Back & Bottom

No touching or popping The first thing is to avoid messing up with acne. It will lead to increase in swelling, thereby leaving scarring effects.

Toothpaste A good spot treatment for acne is toothpaste. Apply white toothpaste (not gel) on the affected area and leave it on for minutes, then wash off. The toothpaste will dry out the excessive oil and kill the bacteria. Whenever you spot acne on your face, try out this remedy.

Lemon Lemon is a tried and tested way to treat acne. Split a lemon into half and rub it on the affected area. Not only will it clear out the bacteria infesting the skin, it will stop the acne from further breeding. In short, it will dry out the zit for good.

Ice Pack Ice is great when it comes to reducing swelling of any form such as acne. Put a few ice cubes in a cloth and keep it on your skin for half an hour. The cool effect will bring down the swelling and redness.

Egg Whites  Ah…there is nothing better than a kitchen remedy to tackle zits. Use a gentle face wash to cleanse your face. Pat it dry and apply an egg white on your face. Keep it on till it dries off. Then peel it and wash it off. The pimple will become smaller and the skin will start to glow

Baking Soda Acne is the fallout when the skin PH balance goes for a toss. To treat it, mix baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the affected area and leave it for few minutes. Wash it off in 5 minutes. You will be happily surprised to see the improvement.

Cinnamon and Honey Mask Honey is not just good in treating weight loss it is also a good home remedy for acne. Mix honey with cinnamon powder and make it a smooth paste. Now apply it on the affected area and leave it on till it dries up. Wash it off gently. Honey will reduce the acne swelling and make your skin firm and soft.

These are tried and tested methods which would work on your skin. Don’t hesitate to try them.