Get your summer in full swing with fresh and glowing skin. We all are about self tanner during summer but streaks happen. Self-tanner when introduced in the market it earned a notorious reputation for producing orange, streaky colors but incorrect shade selection and errors are still produced the occasional self-tanner errors. The streaks and discoloration will go away after few weeks but we do have many homemade remedies which helps to get your old color back as quickly as possible.  Fake tan can sometimes be tough to get rid of, especially after using it for really long and not following the ideal skin care routine along with exfoliation. Here are some easy natural and simple ways to get rid of a fake tan:


Remove fake tan from hands

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin and also brightens it. Lemon is highly effective against fake tan also because of the citric acid in it.  Lemon is the best for that random streak and to remove the tan quickly. Combine lemon juice with baking soda and rub over the affected area, leave it for few min and rinse with warm water.

Remove fake tan from nails

Acetone is your nail polish remover, apply this on the affected area with the help of cotton ball. Rinse after few min but make sure after this procedure moisturize is must because your nails will be craving for the hydration after being exposed to either of these two products.

Choose a clean toothbrush used specifically for this purpose. Put some toothpaste on the brush. Scrub into your palms and around your nails. Rub in gentle circles, but don’t rub too hard.Wash off the toothpaste. You should have removed some of the spray tan.

Remove fake tan dark spots or patches

If your self-tanning session has turned into a streaky mess, don’t panic. The easiest way to wave goodbye to liney limbs is to run a bath and fill it up with a bath oil. This will soften the tan, and using a remover mitt in circular motions will ensure that any stubborn patches are evenly removed.

How To fix too-dark fake tan

Massage a body oil, like almond Oil or coconut oil, all over your body. Wait for 30 minutes, then take a soak in a hot bath and use a flannel to buff your body all over to remove the oil. This helps to lift the pigment, decreasing the intensity of your tan and also leaves your skin baby soft. DIY: Natural self-tanner using black tea >>

Remove fake tan from feet

Lemon is just a perfect choice for brightening your complexion and self-tanner mistakes were as sugar is a natural exfoliate helps to remove the dull and dead top layer of the skin. The combination of both works very effectively to gain the skin tone back. In a bowl add few tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Add few drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well and scrub your body with this mixture before the shower.

How to fix streaky legs:

Mix about two tablespoons of baking soda with a small amount of warm water, until it resembles a thick paste. Rub the formulation on any streaky spots, and the abrasive and de-staining properties of the baking soda should help shift some of the more stubborn areas.

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