Hot stone foot massage is a miraculous blend of eastern and modern massage techniques crafted to endow a unique experience of relaxation while benefiting the person with its therapeutic abilities. It has gained immense popularity in these years mainly because these days stress and tensions have overtaken everything else and the only way to unwind is by getting such massages. The hot stone massage generally happens in a private room where a professional therapist does the massage. The massage is carried out in an individual room and the therapist uses hot stone therapy for the same. The stone will be placed directly on the skin as per the needs or the ailment of the individual.

HOT STONE FOOT MASSAGE THERAPYWhy are stones used in this therapy? The stones used for this massage are lightweight and smooth which makes the whole experience very relaxing. The stones help in elevating the experience and benefits of the massage. The hot stone foot massage in specific is highly popular.

Hot stone massage: Smooth, flat stones are heated and placed at the key points of the body. The masseur will use the stones on specific parts of the body as per the type of the massage. The hot stones are generally made of basalt, which happens to be a type of rock rich in iron and that is why it is capable of heat retention. The stones are placed at the energy centers of the body in order to rebalance the mind and the body.

Hot stone foot massage is best for the following:

  • Tired and aching foot muscles
  • Swelling
  • Reducing pain
  • Restoring balance
  • Leg cramps

Procedure: The hot stones allow to create a splendid treatment. The therapist will start off by making you lie face down. The massage oil will be applied on the calf muscle first and foremost. The oil will be warmed up by massaging manually with the palms. Once the warming up of leg is done, the hot stones will be introduced. The hot stones will help in boosting the circulation in that area. Easing out the tight muscle fibers and decreasing the pain in the calf. After the calves, the therapist will move towards the ankle as well as the base of the foot. Most of the people have tension in the heel or the base of the foot and this is the reason why people develop cramps in the calf area. The hot stone therapy helps in loosening the foot. The therapist will work on different energy centers of the leg in different ways.

Benefits of hot stone foot massage:

Heat is very therapeutic and helps in curing many ailments too. The hot stone foot massage is also beneficial in many ways:

  1. Increasing circulation and blood flow
  2. Aiding Metabolism
  3. Relieving tension
  4. Eliminating toxins from the body
  5. Increases the intensity and the benefits of a massage
  6. Relaxing specific muscles
  7. Increases the benefits of precise massage techniques.

Treat your feet with this exceptional healing therapeutic massage and get the best benefits while enjoying the goodness of a massage