Cellulite is an undesirable trouble that stems from various factors such as unbalanced diet, less physical work, mental stress etc. These tiny little demons are quite often considered by a woman as her biggest enemies. Not only they creep up slowly in our bodies, they are so stubborn that they just do not leave even after an extra hour of workout. So, how can you handle it? This is a question that is really worrisome.

The Must Try Healing Baths To Get rid of CellulitePut your worries to end and try these simple and effective baths to ward off tehe unsightly cellulite!

The Best 3 Cellulite Eliminating Baths

  1. Sea Salt Bath: It is a very effective tool for getting rid of the cellulite. If used externally, it can help gaining a perfect toned body and a glowing smooth skin.


  1. Sea Salt – 2 cups

Instructions: Mix half a cup of the salt with 2 tbsp. water. This will allow the salt to dissolve with water to yield a lump free paste. Mix rest of the salts in the bath tub or a bucket of water you are going to use. Let it stay for about half an hour. Meanwhile apply the mixture/paste of salt on the desired area and massage in soft circular motions, starting from your feet and going up. Restrict this bath to a maximum of twice a week. Wait up to 8 weeks for noticeable changes.

  1. Coffee Scrub Bath

Massaging on your body using coffee increases the blood circulation. The amount of caffeine present in the coffee helps tightens the skin. It also smells great so you would never again opt for any other aroma oils to make your bath a rejuvenating experience. DIY COFFEE SCRUB FOR SKIN AND HAIR >>


  1. Coffee – 1 cup
  2. Coconut Oil – 3 tbsp

Instructions: Mix the coffee with coconut oil and make a paste. Just ensure that the consistency of the mixture is neither too thick nor very liquid. Apply this mixture on your body and massage upwards in gentle circular motions using fingertips. Include this as a part of your weight loss regimen thrice a week for 12 weeks to show off that cellulite free skin.

  1. Clay Detox Bath

Clay is one of those products that has the potential eliminate the impurities out of your body by sucking them out. It also does a good job in easing the cellulite present. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation that results in melting of the cellulite.


  1. Green clay – 1 cup
  2. Lemon juice – ½ cup
  3. Honey – 2 tbsp

Instructions: Mix all the ingredients together and make a thick paste. Massage at the desired areas for around 10-15 minutes and wash with hot water. Following this regime once a week leads to wondrous results.

It is better to be late than never. So start incorporating these cellulite evacuating mechanisms in your lifestyle and flaunt yourself in your favorite short dress in weeks.