Beauty tips with Spoon

Your daily household kitchen item can be your best beauty tool to give you a perfect winked eyeliner,  Pimple minimization, nail art and many more. Spoon the basic utensils found in every house kitchen is used for many purposes and now included in the beauty kit too and it’s easy to use and carry in your makeup kit. Check out some exciting benefits of using spoon as beauty tool mentioned below.

Beauty tips with Spoon

Chilled Spoon to treat eye puffiness:  Place two metal spoons inside the freezer overnight and in the morning place this chilled spoons back under your eyes as close to the inner corners as possible. Apply slightly pressure on the spoon and slowly glide the spoon towards the outer corner, this will help minimize any puffiness. Natural homemade face masks to treat puffy eyes >>

Curl your lashes with Spoon:  Want a perfect eye curl but no eyelash curler just grab a metal spoon. Using a thumb hold the spoon against your eyelid, press your lashes against the rim of the spoon. Doing this will create a bend in the lashes and leave you with curled, lust worthy lashes.

Perfect eyebrow  arch with the large spoon : Place a large spoon underneath your brow, and lightly trace around it with a brow pencil. Begin filling your eye brows above it with light strokes using this line as a guide.

Apply clean and neat nail polish : Grab a plastic spoon and place the tip of the spoon underneath your nails, by doing this procedure skin area around the nails will not get polished.

Hot spoon to treat pimple: Treat the pimple with one of the oldest trick to help a new zit heal faster. Take a cup of hot water and dip the metal spoon in it. Once the spoon is hot(test it on the hand first to make sure spoon is not too hot) place the back of the spoon against the pimples, hold the spoon till the spoon cools off. 20 home remedies to treat acne and ace scars >>