Each and every Forest Essentials product gives us a feel of luxury. They are good smelling as well as rich in pure ayurvedic formulations! I am a huge fan of their products and today I am going to share my experience with their velvet silk body cream. I have used various body butters but this time I picked this silk cream from FE. Carry on reading to know how it fared on me.


Description– A silkening body cream to smooth onto the body while paying more attention to the heels, elbows, and knees. This is blended with the scent of the intoxicating Indian rose.

Packaging– Forest Essentials Indian rose absolute velvet silk body cream comes in a plastic tub container. The lid of the tub is glossy golden and it adds that glam quotient making it premium looking. The lid is tight enough but if you travel taking the tub in your bag, the cream would tend to slip in one side making a mess. The tub is further placed in a big paper box.

Texture, smell & color– This velvet silk cream is absolutely free from artificial colors and white in color. It has got a very sensuous exotic rose smell. The smell is not at all like wild roses, instead it smells very fresh and royal. The smell lingers too for a long time. I can feel the smell even after 2-3 hours of applying. The texture is a bit thick but not at all heavy on skin. It is quite smooth and very soft to touch.

Performance– Well, this is better than TBS body butters at least in my opinion. It treats my dry skin and keeps my skin hydrated and soft for the whole day. I just apply it after bath and I don’t require reapplying it for the whole day. At night I just apply it on the very rough areas on my skin like hands and knees only. It takes a little time to blend properly as it is not so runny. But once blended it makes the skin supple and satin smooth. I am very happy using this. And it smells divine! It’s a treat for my sensitive nose.


  • Contains many good ingredients
  • Classy packaging
  • Smell is out of the world
  • Smell also lingers mildly for a long time
  • Keeps the skin moisturised for whole day
  • Makes skin satin smooth and bright
  • Cures dry patches


  • Expensive and not available everywhere easily
  • Takes a little time to blend

TIS Rating- 4.8/5

Price- 1575 INR for 200 g

Recommendation– Frankly, this is an expensive and luxurious product but I would love to say it is worth the price. I have found it better than other body butters I have used earlier and the smell is really soothing. It may feel heavy on very oily skin but my dry skin absolutely love this. If you don’t mind spending this money on a body cream, this should be your first preference!