Lately Blossom Kochhar’s Aroma Magic has launched some new products and today I am reviewing one of them. We, the Indians, tan very easily and we always keep searching good tan removing products. I tan very easily so I grabbed this product as soon I have noticed this. Any way, read the full review to know how it exactly fared on me.


Claims- I am 100% free from parabens, harsh chemicals, alcohols, artificial fragrance and color. Soya protein powder and buttermilk combine together to lighten blemishes and nurture your skin. Natural extracts of rose, chamomile and honey moisturise and soothe, thus making the complexion soft, smooth, luminous and younger looking. The healing properties of papaya and allantoin protect and repair skin cells to make you bright and beautiful.

Packaging- The packaging of Aroma Magic tan removing milk pack is attractive and the plastic tub with white lid looks girly too. The body of the tub is double layered and the powder packs come in small pouches. This sounds really nice and prevents mess too. You just need to take one pouch and use it.

Texture, smell and color- This pack comes in powder form and the powder is finely milled. I didn’t find any significant smell of this product but it has a mild smell which I couldn’t explain exactly. But the smell is not bothering to my sensitive nose. The powder is milky white in color and I felt difficulty during mixing it with plain water. It takes time to mix well with water in order to make a soft paste.

Performance– Aroma Magic says to use it mixing with brightening lotion but I don’t want to invest that as most of the toners/lotions don’t suit my skin at all. So I use it with plain water. I apply the paste on exposed part and after 15 minutes I rinse it off. My skin feels fresh and bright after using this but the effect stands for only 1-2 days. Though they say to use twice, I don’t get time to use twice in a week. So I use it once in weekend and it helps to remove new tan to some extent.


  • Affordable
  • Powder comes in separate pouches so prevents mess
  • Nice packaging
  • Easily available
  • Brightens the skin after use
  • Removes new tan to some extent


  • Doesn’t remove stubborn tan
  • Result only lasts for 1-2 days
  • No full list of ingredients

TIS Rating- 3.5/5

Price- 120 INR for 35 g

Recommendation- it is good for instant results so if you want to use it for special occasions, it will provide some extra glow to your face. It also removes tan with regular use. So you can try this once. Remember, cream based products contain much more chemicals than powdered one!