Moisturize Winter Lip care with remedies and tips

Think of dry lips, oh it feels so embarrassing right? During winter our lips turn drier. Winter will come in few weeks and it’s time to take care of your lips as much as possible to prevent them from getting dehydrated. Many of us use lip butters, lip balms, Vaseline and many more to protect our lips from harmful cold winds and dry climate.

Moisturize Winter Lip care with remedies and tips

Home remedies to keep lips moisturized are as follow: There are several natural remedies that you can try at home to moisturize your lips too. Let us read home remedies to keep our lips moisturized.

Take honey and milk cream half tsp each. Mix both the ingredients nicely and apply this sweet lip pack over your lips. After 5 minutes, rinse it off. To get moisturized and pink lips apply this pack daily.

Heat the olive oil and massage it on your lips. Instead of olive oil you can also use chocolate lip scrub at home to massage your lips.

Take vitamin E capsule, poke it and open it. Extract vitamin E oil from it. Apply this oil over your lips using your Q tip daily before going to bed. This vitamin oil is very good treatment to remove tan in a week and vitamin E is best natural moisturizer for your lips.

Coconut oil is very good for lips as it acts as a good nourishing moisturizer and will give you cracked free lips. Take coconut oil and apply it over your lips whenever your lips are dry. With clean finger massage it on your lips.

You can apply honey directly to your lips.

Soak 2 almonds at night and grind them in that add 2 drops of jojoba oil. This pack is amazing for nourishing lips. For 15 minutes apply this pack to your lips.

You don’t like using oil for lips? This time take pinch of butter (peanut butter, normal salt butter or any other butter of your choice) smooth it over your cracked lips. Let it stay on your lips for few minutes then with clean cloths wipe it. Butter works magically on your dry lips. It moisturizes and makes your lips soft and cracked free instantly.

Take sugar and ghee in proportion of 1:1. Mix them and apply on your lips and scrub it slowly and gently for 2 minutes. This moisturizing scrub not only nourishes your dry lips but it also removes impurities and dead cells from your lips.

Grind few strawberries with rose water and make a smooth paste. Apply this pack as a lip pack for 5 minutes. Within 2 weeks you will see the visible change in your dry lips.

Lemon can be used with honey as it will be great face pack. This pack can be used on your lips as well. For 20 minutes apply this pack on your lips it will retain back your original pink color and will make your lips moisturized. You can use this pack daily as well. For extra benefits add fresh coriander juice on your lips.


  1. Drink around 10 to 12 glass of water to keep your lips hydrated.
  2. Exfoliate is good for your lips thus once a week apply honey or ghee and with tooth brush exfoliate your lips in circular motion.
  3. Use milk lip balm on your lips to keep it moisturized. Lip balm contains natural smoothing and moisturizing ingredients like olive or almond oil, jojoba oil, coco butter, Vaseline, Bee wax vitamins etc.
  4. You can use petroleum jelly or Vaseline with vitamin E to get moisturized and nourished lips.
  5. For moisturized lips use lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm containing moisturizing ingredients.
  6. Use creamy lipstick instead of matt lipstick for moisturized and nourished lips.

These were few recipes and tips I know. Hope you all loved it. Have moisturized and cracked free lips.