EASY WAYS TO CLEAN EYEGLASSESAfter a huge investment over your eyeglasses, don’t be silly in taking care about them. They are the beautiful piece of glass which needs care and love. If you are women wearing eyeglasses, you will actually understand what I mean to speak. Though there is variety of products available in the market which helps to remove the stains on the glasses, but sometime natural can help to maintain them well.

Use these tricks to clean your specs, when you are actually running out of your cleaning solution.

  • Vinegar

Using the Vinegar is the best thing ever used to clean your specs. Vinegar helps to remove the stains and also disinfects the glasses so that it does not contract any fungal infection. You can take little of vinegar and apply it will the help of a soft cotton towel and let it dry naturally.


  • Foam

If you have a shaving foam at your home, you can latter the foam and apply it on the glasses. If it is a shaving cream, lather it before you apply on the glasses. Foam helps to remove the dust and also leave the glass stainless.


  • Hand soap

Gently run the warm water front and back of the mirror. Carefully run the hand soap water over the glasses and then use a soft towel to clean the glass which helps to keep it clean and stainless too.

Things to remember:  Each time you clean your glasses, check the screws that hold the frame together. Sometimes they become loose, and it is much easier to tighten a screw than it is to find it after it falls out. Use a very small screwdriver to tighten any screws that become loose. If it is a recurring problem, see an optician for a larger screw. Another option is to use a small drop of clear nail polish to seal the screw in place. This is not a permanent solution, but should last at least a couple of weeks until you are able to see an eye care specialist.

When putting eyeglasses down, do not rest them on the lenses. This will scratch them, and it is difficult to see through scuffed and scratched lenses. If you do get a small, shallow scratch on a lens, ask an optician about using a polishing kit to buff the scratch out. They are not recommended for lenses with certain coatings, so ask before using and follow all directions to avoid harming the glasses. If you notice a deep scratch, see an optician for a replacement lens.

With proper cleaning and care, eyeglasses should last several years. Just a few minutes each day to clean and examine them will be worth the effort to prolong the life of your glasses.