BEAUTY PRODUCTS YOU SHOULD REFRIGERATED Did you ever think that some beauty products should always be refrigerated? Yes, there is an inseparable relationship between the beauty products and refrigerator and few among them work well only storing them in refrigerator.

The storage condition of the beauty product is very important to enhance its life and effects over skin. You would be surprised to know, but here we list some beauty products that should be refrigerated.

  1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the key ingredient every girls needs to pamper the body. It helps to keep the skin moist and smooth too. The reason why your moisturize starts releasing some water or changes its consistency is due to the storage. Strong them in hot and humid place leads to bacterial reaction resulting it to be no more beneficial over skin. It is always advised to store moisturizer in the refrigerator which helps to soothe the skin and also kills the bacteria

  1. Lipstick

Lipstick also tends to melt and loose it texture. This is due to extreme humid condition around it. Lipsticks should always be stored in the refrigerator which helps them to maintain the texture and also enhance the color. There are fewer chances of lipsticks to be expired when stored in refrigerator.

  1. Nail paints

Most of us do this, while some do not. Storing nail paints in refrigerator helps them to maintain the texture and also results good on application. It is also believed that cold nail paint tends to dry quicker on nails and also avoids from breaking.

  1. Lip Balm

You would like to get a soothing touch from a cold lip balm? You can surely store the lip balm in refrigerator to get a cool and soothing effect. This is advised especially if you have made your own lip balm at home using natural ingredients. But storing the other lip balm or gloss in refrigerator will never harm you.

  1. Eye Creams

Eye creams are mostly used around the eye area mainly due to swollen or puffy eyes. The best treatment of getting rid of puffy eyes is applying the eye cream when cold. Any cold ingredient around the eye will restrict the blood from reaching into area, thus reducing the swollen part.

  1. Face masks

Face masks should always be stored in cold areas as it would help to rejuvenate the skin and also give you fresh look. Usually face mask are made from natural fruit or natural extract, so it is always recommended to store them in refrigerator.

  1. Gel

Any facial gel including the once made from aloe Vera should be preserved under low temperature. Gel is mostly scooped out of natural fruit or plant which furthers helps to eradicate the itching over skin. It is best when stored in refrigerator which would also help in soothing the skin.