BABY SKIN CARE - BEST MASSAGE OILS FOR YOUR BABYMassage is very important for a baby’s body and also the type of oil used plays an important role. You should always be cautious in choosing oil for the baby, as their skin is born new and is extra sensitive. Although there are various mothers that choose on baby’s oil to massage the body while some others use vegetable use. It completely depends upon the oil and its ability to absorb in the body.

Some of the oil penetrates easily while some others do not get penetrated on the body. Massage is easier on the body only if the oil soaks in and skin becomes slippery.

Some experts recommend using vegetable or plant oil. This is because it gets completely soaks with the skin which is absolutely healthy for the baby skin.

Here we mention you a list of different oils that can be used over baby’ skin –

  • Coconut oil
  • sesame oil
  • sunflower oil
  • olive oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Castor oil
  • calendula oil

Extra virgin Coconut oil is believed to be the best oil for the massage over baby skin in some a days. Coconut oil helps to gives the skin a good texture and also contains cooling effect on the body. Another alternative of using oil is massaging with olive oil. Using olive oil over baby skin is recommendable for all the season.

Pure Mustard oil is preferred to be used in cold weather as it helps to warm the body. Commonly to protect your baby from cold and various fungal diseases mustard oil is often heated with few garlic and fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek helps to relax the body and garlic has antibacterial properties. There are different oils which can be used in different weather due to its property.

Pure Almond oil is used throughout the year and is a common ingredient in massaging baby skin. Due to vitamin E in the oil it helps to keep the skin in good texture, Sunflower being edible oil, it helps to massage the baby’s skin. Due to essential fatty acids and vitamin E in the oil it works well in nourishing the baby’s oil. Also one of the important oil is sesame oil which is also known as til ka tel and is used in winter season to warm up the body and maintain the normal temperature over baby’s body.

Calendular oil is also used over baby’s skin and many people are still not aware of it. Calendular oil helps to soothe the effect on the skin and also is not harsh on the baby’s skin. If the baby is suffering from cold or common flues you can use calendular oil on the nose as well as massage the body.

Organic Castor oil is also recommended for oil the season. It helps to treat the peeling of the skin and also helps to get better lips for the baby. You can add castor oil with some coconut oil.